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Parenting Time Expeditor Eden Prairie MN

March 13, 2015

A Parenting Time Expeditor may be appointed by the Court or requested by either party to resolve parenting time disputes. This is done while a parenting time matter is pending or under a decree. The term “parenting time” is often referred to as “visitation”. In the role as a Minnesota Court approved Parenting Time Expeditor, Johnson Mediation can resolve visitation disagreements between Eden Prairie, MN parents who are divorcing or have already divorced.  The neutral expeditor can use a mediation or arbitration process to address a specific or ongoing dispute matter.

Purpose Of Parenting Time Expeditor

The Parenting Time Expeditor process was begun by the Minnesota Court system under the family dispute arena. An appointed parenting time expeditor attempts to resolve disputes through negotiations between the parties. If a settlement cannot be reached, the parenting time expeditor can make a decision to resolve the dispute. This is a binding decision unless changed by the Court.

Parenting Time Dispute

A Parenting Time Dispute is a disagreement between parties regarding the visitation with a child. Issues may include a disagreement about denial of scheduled parenting time, anticipation of denial, claim that one parent is not spending time with the child or that a parent is interfering with visitation. In any of the previous instances a Parenting Time Expeditor may be appointed to interpret, clarify or enforce the parenting time agreement.

Exceptions To Parenting Time Expeditor Requirement

  1. A claim has been made by one party to be the victim of domestic abuse by the other party
  2. A court has determined probable cause that the child or one of the parties has been threatened with physical abuse or has been physically abused by the other party
  3. The party is unable to pay the fees for a parenting time expeditor

MN Court Approved Parenting Time Expeditor

Johnson Mediation has been approved by the Minnesota Court system as a Parenting Time Expeditor. This qualification is based on MN Certified Family Mediation Training and ongoing training to maintain the status. Through the parenting time expeditor process we are able to assist Eden Prairie, MN families to resolve conflicts with parenting time disputes. Decisions can be made that resolve one time or ongoing child visitation conflicts between the two parties.

Contact Johnson Mediation for help with Parenting Time Disputes. Use our Online Form or Call (952) 401-7599.

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