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Financial Divorce Help Minnetonka MN

March 12, 2015

More money and assets within a marriage can lead to more problems and costs during a divorce. With this in mind, the Court may recommend an Early Neutral Evaluation of financial issues. As a state-qualified Neutral Financial Evaluator Johnson Mediation provides confidential financial recommendations that can be used to reach an agreement between both parties. This process can save divorcing couples in Minnetonka, MN, time and money while preserving Financial Confidentiality.

Financial Early Neutral Evaluation

Divorce can be extremely stressful and emotionally charged. It can be a very difficult time for the both parties to remain cognizant of the financial issues involved in dissolving a marriage in Minnesota. Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) of finances can be a great resource for reaching a confidential solution. The initial meeting with a Neutral Financial Evaluator must be held within 7 days with the neutral evaluation process completed within 60 days.

Neutral Financial Evaluator

One party, both parties, or their attorneys may be holding unrealistic expectations of financial outcomes following the divorce. With the guidance of a qualified Neutral Financial Evaluator like Jeff Johnson of Johnson Mediation, families can be spared the unnecessary expense and time involved in divorce litigation.

The evaluator remains neutral during the financial assessment and recommendation process. What is said in these proceedings remains Confidential. The Neutral Financial Evaluator considers financial documents and statements submitted by both parties then makes informed recommendations in hopes of reaching an early settlement. Meetings are held jointly with both parties and their lawyers. Recommendations can be discussed privately with your attorney before reconvening to negotiate a resolution.

Financial Confidentiality

Any conversations that take place within the ENE remain confidential. They cannot be admitted into the Court proceedings. This does not mean that all documentation that is part of the Early Neutral Evaluation process will not be presented in Court. However, documents that would ordinarily be available to the parties may be used in Court.

The Early Neutral Evaluator does not report conversations or contents of the ENE to the Judge. He or she will only communicate to the Court in the case that the case is not appropriate for the ENE process.


MN State Qualified Neutral Financial Evaluator


Johnson Mediation is a State-Qualified Neutral Financial Evaluator. As such, Jeff Johnson is experienced with providing neutral assessment and informed recommendations in Early Neutral Evaluation. We help Minnetonka, MN families to be better informed to reach positive solutions in a divorce situation. The process maintains Financial Confidentiality and often helps to avoid costly and timely litigation in a Minnesota Court.


Contact Johnson Mediation for help with Financial Divorce Evaluation. Use our Online Form or Call (952) 401-7599.


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