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Why Choose Divorce Mediation Instead of Court?

February 27, 2017

Why Choose Divorce Mediation Instead of Court?Although there are times that court is a necessary step to take, especially when issues are too large to deal with in mediation, most commonly many couples are able to resolve their divorce in mediation rather than taking it to court.

Although there are pros and cons to mediation, many statistics have found that couples who choose mediation are twice as satisfied with couples who take their cases to court. Although, this stat could be skewed because couples who take their cases to court usually have larger issues than couples who opt to mediate, couples also have reported that they were surprised by their ability to resolve large issues in mediation.

So why choose mediation?

Cost- Mediation is about ¼ to ⅙ the cost of court. The average cost for court is $30,000 compared to an average or $5000 for mediation

Children- Often times when children are in the middle of custody they will be appointed an attorney and psychological evaluations will be done to explore what will happen to the children. In mediation, the parents will be able to discuss what will happen to the children and what is in best interest for them and your family.

Decisions- The largest pro to mediation is that you and your soon to be ex spouse get to make the decisions. When taking the case to court the judge gets to make the final decision, and although judges are supposed to see the overall case, each judge is different and can have their own biases.

Privacy- Court cases are open to the public and therefore can be detrimental to you and your family. In mediation you are able to discuss the issues at hand in privacy and not have the community know your business. Mediation is confidential and therefore is a safe environment.

Money- Sometimes both parties cannot afford to hire a good attorney. If you decide to try your case in court, if one party has a better attorney than the other, they may be able to skew the case in one person’s favor despite the actual issues. This can be detrimental to you, your property and your children. When you are in mediation, both parties have to negotiate with one another and work through the problems to find a solution. Although this can take a few sessions of mediation, parties come to a conclusion which is fair and just.

If you are looking for a Divorce Mediator in Chanhassen Minnesota, then look no further than Johnson Mediation. Mediation is a beneficial way to resolve divorce and can help you and your spouse find mutual agreements.

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