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Need Divorce Mediation Around Chanhassen?

February 20, 2017

Are you looking for a Divorce Mediator in Chanhassen, Minnesota? Then look no further than Johnson Mediation.

Johnson Mediation is founded by Jeff Johnson. He is a state-qualified neutral mediator, financial early neutral evaluator, social early neutral evaluator, parenting consultant, parenting time expeditor, parenting coach, and Parents Forever Instructor. Early in Jeff’s career he worked in corporate America in human resources and realized that his passion was not in corporation but rather to help people in his community through difficult times.

Jeff has gone through a divorce himself and understands how the process works, the emotional hardship and how to work through the difficult decisions to resolve issues for both parties. His passion and energy have pushed him into this career field, and with his hard work he has helped numerous divorcing couples resolve many issues and come to conclusions that far better fit their needs and wants rather than solving these issues in court.

Divorce mediation has provided couples across the United States with the results that they need. It is beneficial for many different reasons including: able to sort out taxes, make decisions that are best for both parties and the kids, is private compared to court, is usually ¼ the cost of court and usually is resolved in a few short months rather than the typical 18 months that court takes. Furthermore, when couples have children they will need to continuously work together in the future as they co-parent the children, so resolving issues and learning how to have open lines of communication is extremely beneficial. Couples going through a divorce will have a safe and constructive environment to resolve disputes. Mediators are trained to be impartial to either side, but rather to keep couples on track, keep the conversation open, and keep things moving forward.

If you are living in the Chanhassen area and are looking for a mediator to help you, and your soon to be ex-spouse with your divorce then Jeff Johnson is the person to help you. With his personal experience, qualifications and years working in the field, he can help couples resolve issues. Many people can be hesitant that their divorce is too difficult to navigate, but many couples are surprised to find that almost all issues can be resolved no matter how tough they are. Although both parties need to be willing to attend mediation and must negotiate to work through the problems, having open communication usually allows for decisions to be made.

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