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Children and Divorce

February 6, 2017

Children’s Well-Being Focused Separation Process

Children & DivorceWhen you’re going through a divorce, the most challenging and important factor in your divorce is ensuring that wellbeing of your children. Depending on your relationship with your former spouse, as well as your child’s relationship with you and your former spouse, creating an effective parenting plan that works for everyone involved can seem impossible, especially when you’re working alone. That’s why Johnson Mediation is here, helping families in the southern Minneapolis suburbs – to make sure that you’re never alone through this process and that you have the tools you need to create the parenting agreement that’s best for you and your child. In addition, we provide services to help mediate parenting issues even after a parenting agreement has been reached. Our southern Minneapolis, MN children and divorce mediation services include:

Child Custody Mediation

If you’re in the process of creating a parenting agreement, you may be conflicted over the right custody agreement for your child. If you are looking to avoid an in-court child custody battle, the best way forward is with a child custody moderator to help create a legally equitable child custody agreement. With mediation, you can save money and time on your divorce and create a lower-conflict custody agreement that won’t jeopardize the mental or emotional wellbeing of your child.

Child Support Agreements

Just as child custody agreements are difficult to mediate on your own, child support agreements are equally difficult to establish without assistance. Fortunately, you’re not alone in this. We provide child support mediators who will help you create a fair child support agreement based on the financial situation of you and your former spouse. We find that the numbers speak for themselves, and based on your custody agreement, we can determine a reasonable financial parenting responsibility for each party.

Parenting Consultant Services

Parenting consultants are here to help with a number of parenting issues and challenges, including visitation and resolving parenting conflicts. Whether you’re in the middle of a divorce or have been divorced and working with an existing parenting agreement, our mediators will help to resolve your parenting issues to help you avoid conflict and solve issues quickly. The role of parenting consultants is to work in the interest of your children, ensuring that we resolve any issues you may encounter regarding child support, child custody, parenting time disputes, and more

Parenting Time Expeditor

Parenting time expeditors are intended to assist with parenting issues involving parenting time, or visitation. If you and your former spouse are in disagreement over visitation, don’t go to court to have a decision changed; use a parenting time expeditor to solve the problem affordably and quickly.

Parenting Class Instructors

For parents contesting child custody decisions, we require attendance in parenting classes. These classes are intended to help parents understand the challenges of co-parenting, improve communication, reduce conflict, and improve parenting skills. If you’re living in the southern Minneapolis suburbs of Minnesota, contact the parenting and divorce mediators of Johnson Mediation today at (952) 401-7599 or

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