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Johnson Mediation – Certified Mediator

January 16, 2017

Jeff Johnson, Minnesota Certified MediatorJeff Johnson has more than 25 years of mediation and executive coaching experience which he uses to help guide couples through divorce in a peaceful, and smooth way. Jeff is able to help guide couples during the divorce couples and also helps couples keep the lines of communication open after the divorce is finalized. Oftentimes when couples have children involved in the divorce it can be difficult to set your issues aside from parenting and he is here to help allow couples to co-parent in a positive way and stay neutral with one another.

He provides couples with legal information and can also partner with attorneys to provide legal advice any point in the process. Many couples have assets together, need help with taxes, retirement funds, parenting and more during the divorce and these can be complex issues, and working with someone who knows MN law is necessary.

In addition to Mediation he is also a Parenting Time Expeditor, Parenting Consultant, Early Neutral Evaluator, Divorce Coach, and teaches Parenting Classes and leads Blended Family Classes through his local church.

People often assume that disputes over divorces and must be decided in court by a judge, but family disputes are ideally settled between the family members outside of court with a mediator. Mediated settlements are better than litigation for many reasons such as: both parties are often more satisfied in the long run because they were able to resolve issues and make decisions on their own; mediations save a lot of money and time; mediators can model and facilitate better communication that often continues after mediation; attorneys often can be very helpful in settling disputes out of court.

In all cases, the preservation and restoration of working family relationships is more likely through mediation than litigation. When children are involved with divorce and separation, the stakes are even higher. Mediation allows control to remain in the hands of the parents, not the Court.

The end result of a successful mediation is a written and signed agreement that outlines the agreed upon decisions made by the couples such as parenting, property settlements, child support, retirement, and family business agreements. Overall mediation is a far more positive way to settle agreement and with Jeff’s years of experience, personal experience with divorce and certifications, Jeff is able to provide couples with all the necessary resources to help make the process smooth and more positive in the long-run.

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