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How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

December 20, 2016

Experienced Divorce Mediator in MNWhen you’re going through a divorce, you’ll likely feel like you’re creating an entirely new life for you and your child. All of your routines, all of your rules and structures, will change, and there will be little hope of keeping your lives exactly as they were before. Depending on the nature of your divorce, there could be underlying conflict present already between you and your former spouse, but even if you went through an amicable divorce, once you begin to co-parent from different homes, things become much more complicated, in practice. That’s why we’re here. At Jeff Johnson Mediation, our Chanhassen, MN divorce mediators want to help create fair parenting plans and resolve parenting disputes that you can’t resolve on your own.

Peaceful Resolution of Common Parenting Conflicts

Some of the most common parenting disputes involves visitation. When you share custody of your child with a former spouse, both you and your ex likely want to have as much time as possible with your child. Unfortunately, this often means that neither of you is going to be satisfied with the amount of time that you do have. Working out holiday schedules, determining pickup and drop-off times, finding ways to make sure your child is satisfied with the agreement, and then navigating new challenges like moving or co-parenting with a former spouse’s new partner can complicate a parenting agreement significantly. With a divorce mediator, you can work through these challenges more easily by letting us look at each situation from a neutral, third-party position, ensuring that you have done everything you can to reach a fair and low-conflict resolution.

Resolving Parenting Disputes with a Divorce Mediator

The divorce mediation process is different for every parent in every situation. Depending on your child’s needs, your parenting schedules created during the divorce, and your ever-changing lives, your parenting schedule and parenting problems will continue to change as you and your family change. With a divorce mediator you can trust, you’ll always be confident that any problem you encounter can be resolved fairly. By working with the Chanhassen, Minnesota divorce mediators at Jeff Johnson Mediation, you can be sure that we will keep the interests of everyone involved in mind, making parenting recommendations that will help to resolve parenting conflicts and prevent future parenting disputes.

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