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Going Through a Divorce in Minnesota

October 23, 2016

MN Divorce Mediation and Financial SupportThough it seems that going through divorce in Minnesota has significantly changed during the past few decades by becoming more common, year after year. Still, some people mistakenly find the misinterpretation in believing that divorce is a “bad thing”. In which case, it may be easy to forget or hard to deal with the fact that it is just simply a transition period in one’s life. Being in the professional divorce mediation industry we understand mistakes could have been made, feelings may have been hurt, but with change comes rebirth. With rebirth gives a new life, how a person deals with an event in their lives will ultimately determine the outcome of every situation at hand. Our services, here at Johnson Mediation, will greatly assist the process of going through a divorce in Minnesota much more beneficial for all parties. Give us a call today to set up a free consultation!

Divorce in Minnesota Mediation Services

Our divorce in Minnesota mediation services will provide parties with a professional neutral mediator to regulate boundaries and maintain a healthy environment. Ultimately, the focus is on what is the best outcome that works for everyone. We touch base on many things that involve the separation of marriage. Such as:

  • Dealing with Tough Issues
  • Parenting Time
  • Child Support
  • Property
  • Income
  • Alimony

Sometimes there can be a lot of emotions when deliberating over much-needed issues, with the help of a non-bias third party, everyone will be able to have a healthy and smooth change.

Grieving About Going Through a Divorce in Minnesota

With our resources and means, especially when grieving about going through a divorce, your feelings have been felt before. Maybe not by you, but our professionals are here to help guide the willing through the battles they face during the divorce process. Our grieving resources are certified as well as very helpful. Even after the process is finished sometimes it is needed to process counseling with closure. Whatever your means for an end and start of a new beginning we can help you here at Johnson Mediation. Your Minnesota divorce mediation service.

Contact us here at Johnson Mediation when going through the divorce process in Minnesota. You have enough on your plate dealing with the difference in your life. Let us assist you in regaining control and happiness. Give us a call today for your free consultation 952-401-7599!



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