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Divorce Mediation in Minnesota

October 16, 2016

Divorce Mediation MNSeeking the professional assistance of divorce mediation in Minnesota is a very versatile resource when dealing with tough separating times. Whether the couple needing services be old or new, court-ordered or voluntarily open, our un-bias grounds, here at Johnson Mediation, can keep all parties get on the same level in a safe and clear environment. Dealing with divorce does not have to be done alone. There are many professional services out there designed specifically for the troubling experiences you may be facing. Or for the people with a lot of property and would like to receive the best out of even and unfortunate stage in life. We can help you get to whatever you need. Give us a call here for your professional divorce mediation services.

What is Minnesota Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is to help separated families grow apart healthily, safely, and with a generally positive outlook on the situation. Mediation for divorce in Minnesota is designed for couples dealing with:

  • Custody Time
  • Property
  • Business
  • Valuables
  • Finances
  • Pre/During/Post Court Issues
  • Counseling

Many other divorce-related factors can come about during this trying time, having a qualified middle grounds keeper around to assist the process of dealing with splitting up such things can greatly help the stage progress. Our mediators will guide the parties to reach agreeable and reasonable conclusions, giving the courts an easier time as well. Having a mediator along will greatly improve the energy between each party regarding each and every detail.

Mediation Dealing with Children

Decisions involving children and divorce are subjects that must always remain focused on their best interests. We believe in a child focused mediation process if there are children involved.We can help with determining parenting time, holidays, child support, and all of the items that go along with the child(ren)’s well-being must be dealt with very intensively. Our experienced background in the process of divorce comes in handy often during meditation process because you are not alone. This happens throughout life and we have seen it before, we will see it again but no two divorces are the same.

Contact Our Mediators Today

For more information or a consultation with Johnson Mediation give us a call. We would be happy to help make your lives easier by lightening the load of stress in a healthy and safe environment. Our professional Minnesota mediation services are here for your benefit. Contact us today and let us help you move on to tomorrow (952) 401-759!




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