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Why Should We Choose Divorce Mediation in Minnesota?

October 1, 2016

Why choose mediation in mnLosing a person you once thought you were going to grow old with isn’t easy, whether you’re still attached or repulsed the process of divorce is something that needs to be completed so that you and your future ex can live lives free or as close to as free from each other as you want to be. Why finalize your divorce? You and your legal spouse likely share credit, healthcare, bank accounts, vehicles, even maybe a home. There is no longer a need to share a healthcare plan and if you were to want to purchase a large item or invest, your other ‘legal half’ would have to sign too. Getting divorced doesn’t mean you have to make a court appearance with expensive lawyers you are both paying for. Instead, Divorce Mediation has provided many divorcing couples with an affordable and agreeable divorce that will quickly be finalized.

Why Divorce Mediation?

  • Cost – It is no secret that lawyers aren’t cheap and there is a reason for that, they play a very important role in our society. There are many costs involving divorce, even just when dealing with the courts. Don’t add to it by having both sides getting attorneys and appearing in court. Instead, with Divorce Mediation, our neutral mediators sit down with both parties, so you are only paying for one person’s professional assistance, instead of double that.
  • Time – Divorce in Minnesota can take from 6 months to years… The number one factor when considering the time it takes to divorce is coming to an agreement. Everything can be completed once it has been agreed upon and mediators can help you see both sides, find a common ground and move forward with your divorce, instead of taking steps back.
  • Stress – Waiting months for your court appearance only to walk out having another doesn’t do much to relax the body and not knowing what this judge is going to say doesn’t lighten the process either. Instead of leaving everything hanging by a string someone else is holding, agree with your divorcing spouse to mediate the process so that you both can create the outcome, instead of a stranger.
  • Privacy – Everything discussed in the courtroom is available to the public. There is no need to air any dirty laundry in that type of setting. Mediation is a private matter and everything will be kept confidential. So you can air your true concerns and not be concerned if things get emotional because this will not be documented, it will be kept absolutely private.

Contact Johnson Mediation if you have come to the agreement that Divorce Mediation is what’s next. 952-401-7599





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