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Divorcing With Children | Minnesota Divorce Mediation

September 24, 2016

Divorce with Children MNWhen you become a parent, the world shifts on its axes. Something changes and you are now responsible for another human being. And that little person is dependent on you and there is nothing you wouldn’t, at least consider, to do for them…They have you changing disturbing diapers and taking things away from them you wouldn’t even touch yourself. So it is safe to say your life changes in a tremendous way but sometimes not everything works out. Maybe the partner you started your family with is drifting apart due to finances, different life views, or what have you. Regardless of the reason, Sia had it right, it’s hard to loose a chosen one. No matter how much you have put up with, coming to the realization that staying together isn’t the best can cut deep. But moving forward will be easier once the facts are faced and it will be better for everyone. The misconception that it is better to stay together for the kids is dissolving, because that is just not true.

Choose How to Divorce

There are many different divorce paths you can choose from. Litigated Divorce, DIY Divorce, Collaborative Divorce and our specialty – Divorce Mediation. When divorce is the next step, be sure to research all your options and meet with a few professionals to get opinions on the best way to separate in your individual circumstances. There is cost, length and your children’s well-being to consider.

Why Divorce Mediation is a Great Option when you have Kids

  • Stay in Control – Divorce Mediation is a fantastic option to consider when you have children because it allows you and your ex-spouse the options to co-pilot the plane you both stepped on board together. Instead of having a judge decide the situation for you.
  • Keep it Affordable – Settle all the elements of your divorce without going bankrupt with the help of a qualified Minnesota Divorce Mediation. Divorce mediation can easily cut the price of your divorce in half. Because the Mediator is neutral, both of you will not need to represent yourselves individually, therefore cutting expenses dramatically.
  • Get this Process Behind You – If you and your ex-spouse can’t come to an agreement on the important things that are still set in place after you separate, you will be in the process of divorce for a while. But if you can come to an agreement and just want to start living your lives, the Mediation Process is the quickest solution. With a couple of sessions, your divorce will be finalized in just a couple months.

Contact Johnson Mediation if you are considering taking the path of Divorce Mediation at 952-401-7599.


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