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Top Benefits of Divorce Mediation

September 20, 2016

Minnesota Divorce MNA difference of opinion, and many at that, usually has a way of catching up with everyone. Divorce is not much different, either one of you thinks it’s right, the other think’s it’s wrong or you could have finally reached your first agreement in months and both agree that divorce is what is best. Regardless of how your divorce goes down, there will likely be disagreements. The kids, house, pets, car – the list goes on and on. But that is no reason to take it to the courts. Did you know Divorce Mediation can help you resolve all your issues? It is true and it will also allow you and your ex to be the co-creators of your parenting and visitation times and schedules, with the help of a neutral party when differences of opinions arise.

  • Rise Above Emotions – Mediators are there to help guide and support the process of finalizing your divorce. Even just seeing your ex may make you cringe but with our neutral team we can divert away from non-productive discussions and focus on the reality and that everyone is affected in some way by this matter.
  • Keep Kids on the Sidelines when it Comes to Your Divorce – As parents, we love to include our kids but it is important to understand what they should not be included in. Instead of pressuring your children to make a decision, take time with your ex to come up with one that includes everyone and face this divorce with less mess and stress.
  • Privacy Please – Go to court and all of your financial standings will be available to anyone. Court case records are public, so anything – not just finances – aired out in that courtroom is now a matter of public knowledge.
  • Save your Money & Time for Something Better – Instead of spending all your money on fighting this last battle, don’t. Divorce Mediation can save you loads of money, time and energy. No one wins a divorce but with the self-determination to keep your divorce out of courts you can get on with your life and focus on the better parts of it.

Is a Mediated Divorce right for you?

Divorce mediation is designed to work for the separating individuals in most every circumstance. Although it can prove to be beneficial even when parties disagree on a lot, not every divorce is right for mediation. If your personal divorce experience deals with physical abuse, mental abuse, asset deception or there is substance abuse at play, mediation may not be the best fit.

Contact Johnson Mediation to see if Divorce Mediation is the right divorce path at (952) 401-7599.




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