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Divorce Mediator MN

August 26, 2016

When you and your partner decide to pursue divorce, there are many different emotional, logistical and legal issues that the two of you must settle.  These issues come at you fast and furiously with little time to actually digest the big life changes that a divorce brings.  We all know that divorce ranks in the top 5 most stressful life events and you likely understand why that is the case as you navigate the difficult process. Settling your divorce via divorce mediation rather than battling in the courts can reduce the overall stress, cost and time required to resolve such issues as child custody, child/spousal support, developing a parenting plan and dividing property, assets and debts.  Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, MN offers a comprehensive and compassionate mediation program for divorcing couples and our team is always committed to helping you find your way through this most difficult time.

Comprehensive Divorce Mediation Process

Johnson Mediation can help you and your family through all aspects of a divorce and find solutions so that can help you move forward in a more positive and healthy way.  We focus on the following aspects of the divorce process:

Emotional:  Our mediation team will help individuals and families deal with the complex and sometimes overwhelming emotions that accompany a divorce and the life changes that come with it.  We offer support services like a family coach, couples support and a grief and divorce recovery program to help you process your emotions during this time.
Logistical:  If you are divorcing and have children, there will be many logistical issues to sort through related to child custody, financial support and developing a parenting plan that meets the needs of the family.  Johnson Mediation can help you find areas of compromise and solutions for these issues that work for you.

Legal:  Our experienced divorce mediators can also help provide you and your divorcing spouse with legal information that can help you make informed decisions.  After a mediation agreement is created, we can also make sure that it goes through the necessary legal channels so that it will be accepted by the courts.

Get Support For Navigating Your Divorce

While divorce is generally extremely difficult, complex and emotional for all involved, it does not have to be devastating to you and your family.  Finding the support that you need to help you through the process can go a long way toward finding a positive outcome for the future for each member of your family.  If you would like more information about the divorce mediation services offered by our team, call (952) 401-7599 to schedule a free one hour consultation.

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