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Co-Mediation in Shakopee MN

August 18, 2016

Co-mediation can offer important balance to the mediation process and can be especially helpful in divorce mediation or in resolving other issues related to family dynamics.  Co-mediation offers a team approach to mediation, where two mediators work to help a couple solve the problems they are facing — whether it is regarding child custody, child/spousal support, changing a parenting plan after a divorce or dividing property, assets and debts after a divorce.  Johnson Mediation of Shakopee, MN offers couples the option of co-mediation to solve the emotional, legal and logistical aspects of a divorce so that you and your family can move forward toward a new future.

Benefits Of Co-Mediation

Co-mediation features two trained mediators who use their expertise to help a couple solve complex and unique problems surrounding their divorce.  The benefits of co-mediation include:

  • Balance can minimize the perception that one spouse has an advantage.
  • Each member of a couple is more likely to identify with one of the mediators.
  • Can offer a more relaxed atmosphere where collaboration is more easily reached.
  • Less chance that one member feels ganged up on by divorcing spouse and 1 mediator.
  • When the co-mediators are of different genders, the perspective and styles of the mediators foster collaboration and compromise.
  • Mediators can role-play and model different behaviors for the couple.
  • Mediators bring different perspectives on the same issue– “two heads are better than one”.

Reasons To Consider Co-Mediation

Johnson Mediation offers co-divorce mediation at the same price as mediation with a single mediator, so if you are interested in exploring this option, you can do so with confidence that you will not break the bank.  Co-mediation can focus on helping a couple create a realistic financial picture for the future, after their divorce. In addition, mediators can be instrumental in developing a parenting plan that puts children first and and helps each member of the couple work through the difficult emotions associated with sharing custody.

If you and your spouse have made the decision to divorce, mediation offers an opportunity to solve the issues in your divorce yourselves, without relying on the court system to make these decisions for you.  Co-mediation is a highly effective way to manage the logistical, emotional and legal aspects of a divorce and lay a strong foundation for future communication.

For more information about the divorce mediation services offered by Johnson Mediation, call (952) 401-7599 to set up a time for a free one-hour consultation.

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