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Family Law Mediation Minneapolis, MN

August 13, 2016

When children are involved in a divorce, the entire process can become lengthier and more complicated than anyone wants. There’s no doubt that messy, drawn-out divorces and separations aren’t something that parents want their children to have to ensure, and that’s why we’re family law mediators. At Johnson Mediation, we aim to make the divorce and separation process as easy as possible, and especially if there are children involved, we want to reach a fair agreement as quickly and painlessly as possible so that you and your children can get back to living your lives as normally as you can. For family mediation services in Minneapolis, Minnesota, look to Johnson Mediation for an alternative to a courtroom divorce or messy custody battle.

Custody Agreements and Parenting Time Expeditors

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of a divorce or separation is agreeing on custody. Creating a visitation schedule that will let each parent see their fair share of their children is an impossible task, as no parent will ever be happy with seeing their child for less time than they’re used to. However, the only way to stay out of court and resolve a divorce quickly is to come to an appropriate and equitable custody agreement that would satisfy a judge. Even after you’ve agreed upon custody, there will always be unexpected changes in your life and unforeseen circumstances that a custody agreement simply can’t cover. When this happens, a parenting time expeditor will help you work through any parenting time disputes you have with your former spouse so that they can be resolved quickly and the interpretation of your custody agreement can be updated as needed.

Mediating Child Support Agreements

Child support is another hot-button topic in divorce cases, often because of differences in parents’ incomes or financial security. To be sure that you’re able to pay or live off of the child support agreed upon in your divorce or separation, you should look to a family law mediator for help in calculating the amount of money your child will need and therefore how much you will need to contribute or be given by your former spouse. To avoid court costs, it’s best to work out child support disputes with a mediator, but you should have some peace of mind knowing that should negotiations fail for some reason, or should you need to dispute an unfair custody agreement, a divorce will not be finalized by a judge if it’s an unfair agreement, and you will have the chance to contest it in court.

Experienced Divorce and Family Law Mediation

When you’re at your wit’s end with your divorce and can’t see how you’ll reach an agreement that will allow you and your spouse to avoid the cost and time of court dates, reach out to our family law mediators at Johnson Mediation. As mediators serving the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, we want to help you and your children make as smooth a transition as possible so that you can return to normalcy. Give us a call at 952-401-7599, or email to find out how you can ensure you have quick and equitable family mediations.

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