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August 5, 2016

Navigating divorce is never easy. In addition to dealing with the intense emotions involved, you and your divorcing spouse are also faced with a difficult reality of separating your property, untangling your finances and determining a parenting plan if you share children. The details can be overwhelming, especially if the communication between the parties is strained or adversarial. Divorce mediation is a highly effective tool that can be used to help a couple settle the important issues related to a divorce. Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, MN offers a wide range of divorce mediation services to help you move forward after this difficult time in you life.

Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

There are many important benefits of trying divorce mediation to settle your divorce, rather than proceeding through the traditional court system. First, divorce mediation is significantly less expensive than a court battle and takes much less time to complete. Mediation also gives the divorcing couple control over the planning for their future, rather than leaving this power in the hands of the court. Divorce mediation provides a safe and neutral environment that fosters calm and positive communication, which can lead to improved communication in the future. This is especially important if children are involved and communication will continue to be important even after the terms of the divorce are finalized. Mediated divorces also have higher compliance rates than divorces settled in court – likely because both parties feel like they were an active part of the process.

Divorce Mediation Considerations

The divorce mediation process generally takes three to four 2 hour sessions with a trained mediator to settle all aspects of a divorce. In the first session, the divorcing couple, with input from the mediator, identify the priorities for the discussion(s) and the order in which these topics will be discussed. If there are materials that need to be gathered for discussion, they are identified early in the mediation process.

It is important to note that the mediator facilitates the discussion, but is not a decider in the case. The mediator can provide important context for how other divorces are resolved and can answer questions about legal aspects of the case. The mediator’s primary role is to facilitate a discussion so that the parties can find a way to move forward in the most positive way possible.

Comprehensive Mediation Services

Johnson Mediation has years of experience helping divorcing couples handle the emotional, logistical and legal aspects of your divorce. Call (952)-401-7599 for more information, or to schedule a time for a free one hour consultation.

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