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Comprehensive Mediation Help

July 24, 2016

Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, MN, offers a comprehensive mediation program to couples who may agree on some issues related to the settlement of their divorce, but are looking for professional help to settle some of the more complicated and important issues.  Our team of experienced mediators will focus on the legal, logistical as well as the emotional aspects of a complicated divorce and on solutions rather than on problems.  Your divorce does not have to be devastating for you or your family.

Complex Divorce Plan Minnesota

Developing a detailed divorce plan to help guide you and your divorcing spouse through the process can be extremely helpful and effective.  Johnson Mediation can help you create a divorce plan that is realistic, fair and takes the complexities of your unique situation into account. Some of the common issues that are addressed with our comprehensive mediation plan include:

  • Separating assets and debts including:
    • House and other property
    • Retirement accounts
    • Credit card debt and other loans
    • Business interests
  • Spousal Maintenance (when applicable)
  • Child Support
  • Development of a parenting plan

Benefits of Mediation

There are many important benefits of settling your divorce via mediation rather than with a lengthy court battle.  First, mediation costs significantly less than going through the courts.  Second, you also have much more control over the priorities of discussion and tone of the communication when you participate in divorce mediation.  The court process is adversarial by nature and mediation is collaborative.  Settling the complicating issues of a divorce is just the beginning of a whole new phase of your relationship with your soon to be ex-spouse.  If you share children, you will still need to co-parent and mediation gives you the best possible chance of laying the groundwork for a more positive relationship after the divorce.

Take The First Step Toward Your Future

If you are interested in pursuing mediation as a tool to settle your divorce, take the important first step.  Johnson Mediation offers a free one hour consultation with an experienced mediator so that you can ask your questions and get insight about how mediation might work in your specific case.  You will also learn about the fees involved and what is needed to move forward with the process.  Call (952)-401-7599 to schedule a convenient time. Our team understands how stressful a divorce can be and will strive to put a plan in place for you that will make it as easy as possible for all involved.


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