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Financial Early Neutral Evaluation

July 22, 2016

Sorting out complex financial issues can be one of the most difficult aspects of settling a divorce. A Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) can be recommended by the courts for a couple when there is one or more outstanding financial issues and they might benefit from neutral information that can help them settle these issues before going through a lengthy and costly court battle. Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, MN, is a designated and trusted Financial Early Neutral Evaluator in the area and can step into complicated situations and help provide clarity so that solutions can be found.

Johnson Mediation is focused on you, your family and your future. Your finances are a huge part of your future and finding ways to stay out of the courts and settle the financial aspects of a divorce are critical to laying positive groundwork for your future. At an Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC), you may be asked to choose an evaluator from a recommended list provided by the Court. Johnson Mediation is likely to be on that list and has extensive experience as a financial early neutral evaluator.

Financial ENE Process

Once it has been determined that you and your divorcing spouse are going to proceed with a financial early neutral evaluation, you will have an initial meeting within 7 days on your Initial Case Management Conference and must be completed within 60 days. Your attorneys are involved and you will be asked to present information about the financial issues that are being discussed. The evaluator gathers the information that he/she needs and can ask questions and seek data from a third party to be able to help the couple settle the issue.

Anything that is done or communicated about during the evaluation process is considered confidential and cannot be admitted to the court. If an agreement is reached between the parties then the attorneys can work with the evaluator and draft all of the paperwork so that the agreement can be enforced. If an agreement is not made, the issue is sent back to the Judge that ordered the FENE and you will continue through the litigation process.

Comprehensive Program For Divorce And Beyond

Johnson Mediation offers a wide variety of divorce mediation services to those in the Chanhassen, MN area. In addition to Financial Early Neutral Evaluations, our team also offers extensive resources for how to navigate the divorce process when you have children, couples support, divorce coaching, co-mediation, and grief and divorce recovery. For more information, call our team at (952) 401-7599 for more information.

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