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Does Divorce Mediation Work In An Adversarial Divorce?

July 2, 2016

You may be aware that divorce mediation is a highly effective tool to settle issues surrounding a divorce including child custody, child support and division of marital assets.  In fact, more and more divorcing couples are turning to mediation over the traditional court system because it is less expensive and takes less time.  You may wonder, however, whether divorce mediation can work when there is significant conflict between the divorcing couple, as well as a high level of animosity.  In fact, meditation can actually be ideal for couples in conflict, offering the couple an opportunity to find common ground, with the help of a trained and experienced mediator. Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, MN offers a comprehensive divorce mediation program for couples who need help with the logical, legal and emotional aspects of divorce.

Navigating Conflict In Divorce

Conflict and emotion are an inherent and important component in nearly all divorce cases. A mediator is trained to help couples deal with these high levels of emotions and can help facilitate productive and positive discussions about the priorities that the couple has deemed important.  The mediation process quickly shows the divorcing couple that compromise is possible, without having to fight it out in court.

The court system actually fosters a more adversarial divorce.  In fact, it actually supports the existing conflict between the couple, and often increases the conflict level, given the adversarial nature of the process, pitting the couple against each other at every turn.  The additional stress of the court process adds to the difficulty as well. It t takes more time and costs more money, which both cause additional stress for the couple.  In addition, the court system takes control of the divorce process away from the couple, which also causes stress.

Divorce Mediation Chanhassen MN

Even if you are concerned that the conflict between you and your spouse is high, the trained and experienced mediators at Johnson Mediation can help you navigate your divorce using mediation, rather than battling in the courts.  The mediator assigned to your case will facilitate productive communication between you and your divorcing spouse and ensure that each party has an opportunity to speak and be heard and that the priorities that have been set are focused on.  The mediator is not a decider–that power is left to you, as you and your ex-spouse know your situation best.  Mediation also allows you to have other, outside experts help in the process including attorneys, financial planners and even therapists.

If you would like to give yourself the best possible chance of navigating the divorce process with minimal conflict, laying the groundwork for positive communication after the divorce, call Johnson Mediation today at (952) 401-7599.

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