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Divorce Coach MN

June 25, 2016

If you live in or near Chanhassen, MN, and facing the end of your marriage, you may be wondering where to begin the process of untangling your life together. You may know many who spent months battling in the court system and wonder if there is another, less adversarial option for you and your divorcing spouse. Divorce mediation is becoming a more popular choice for people seeking divorce. It is typically significantly less expensive than the traditional court processes because lawyers are not required to complete the process, there are no court fees, and it takes less time. Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, MN has established an exceptionally good reputation because of its high-quality support for divorcing couples.

Importance of Divorce Support

One aspect of divorce mediation that is also gaining in popularity is the role of Divorce Coach. Divorce Coaching is a process of a divorce mediator agreeing to work with one of the members of the divorcing couple. The divorce coach offers their expertise to ensure that you address all pertinent issues and make decisions with as much information as possible. Informed choice and informed consent are essential to self-advocacy, and Johnson Mediation is unsurpassed as it relates to empowering you in those areas. This program is designed for couples who have already made some progress toward big decisions, but are looking for professional advice to move things forward.

Johnson Mediation’s divorce coach will help you navigate the logistical, psychological, and legal aspects of your divorce case. And Johnson’s divorce coach will demonstrate for you a model of professionalism as they help you manage the emotions, the psychological weight, and the many legal specifics of divorce cases. You will feel more confident about making decisions about how to parent your children following divorce, re-establishing a healthy lifestyle, how to navigate family politics and disagreements, and engaging in social interactions.

Divorce Coach Chanhassen MN

The advantages of divorce mediation are plentiful, but that does not mean that divorce will be pain-free. But a qualified Divorce Coach, like those who are provided by Johnson Mediation, can help you minimize the pain of crossing emotional boundaries with your spouse during the divorce process. Your divorce coach will be your best advocate. This, in turn, could have the effect of helping you move on with your life in a more positive and balanced way.

But another important role of a Divorce Coach will almost always be helping you minimize the difficulty of your divorce on your children. By helping you advocate on your own behalf, you can feel confident that decisions relating to parenting plans, custody arrangements, and child support will be done with you and your children’s best interests in mind.

Call Johnson Mediation at (952) 401-7599 for more information about our comprehensive divorce mediation services.

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