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Divorce Mediation Fairness

June 24, 2016

Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, MN, offers an alternative to the ways most Americans think of settling a divorce. Divorce Mediation is quickly becoming a better known and more desirable way of seeking and finalizing a divorce. Because Johnson Mediation has made itself expert practitioners in the art and science of meditation, you can count on the staff to provide you with exceptionally good advocacy, fairness, and a commitment to the most positive outcomes with your soon-to-be former spouse and any children in your family.

Minimize Conflict – Maximize Areas Of Agreement

Johnson Mediation understands that divorce is, in its most elemental form, a difficult process to go through. And it is out of this recognition that Johnson Mediation works toward the goal of minimizing conflict between spouses and maximizing the areas of agreement. In doing so, couples emerge from the divorce process with a greater sense of hope, relief that they did not expect, and the prospects of moving on with their lives sooner than they might otherwise have expected. Divorce Mediation is designed to do this for couples, whereas the more traditional court proceedings around divorce are naturally designed to be more adversarial. Both approaches remain available to couples who are in the process of divorce because there is a need for both approaches. But if you and your spouse are simply looking to improve your lives by taking responsibility for the failure of your relationship, and there are no other complicating factors that exacerbate your conflict, divorce mediation may be the better choice for you and your spouse.

Take More Control Over The Divorce Process

Divorce mediation promotes collaboration between and among the people who are divorcing. Not only does divorce mediation encourage the finding of common ground, it does so while proving in most cases to be less expensive than the more traditional court processes. Divorce mediation does not require lawyers, which cuts out a major cost if you choose to engage in mediation with only the staff of Johnson Mediation. Working with Johnson Mediation will allow you to feel a greater sense of investment in and ownership of the divorce process. Your experience is not in the hands of lawyers and judges, but in the hands of you and your divorcing spouse.

You and your spouse, despite deciding to split up, are nonetheless empowered to use your creativity to help each other find solutions to such important and complex matters as:

● Division of property
● Settlement of debts you have incurred as a couple
● Parenting Time (also frequently called visitation)
● Spousal support (also known as alimony)
● Other unique issues that remain unresolved.

If you are approaching a divorce in the Minnesota area and would like more information about divorce mediation, call the Johnson Mediation team at (952) 401-7599. We offer appointments at night and on weekends and a 1 hour free consultation to provide you with the knowledge you need to decide the best path forward.

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