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Co-Mediation Minnesota

May 20, 2016

co mediation servicesIf you are going through a divorce, consider contacting Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, Minnesota for assistance.  For a number of reasons, Johnson Mediation is an excellent choice.  The philosophy employed by our team is based on fairness to all parties involved, and our employment of the Co-Mediation technique is further evidence of that commitment to fairness, which translates to finding solutions that work for your family.

What is Co-Mediation?

Co-Mediation is a process that employs two mediators to help resolve a dispute, rather than just one.  It is advantageous for a variety of reasons to use co-mediators.  The mediation process is often complex and difficult to manage.  When those complexities and difficulties become too much for one person to manage effectively, having a second mediator present creates greater efficiency, better communication, and ultimately better results for the parties in dispute.

Some circumstances are managed better when the mediators are given the opportunity to focus on a smaller number of tasks.  For example, one mediator may be adept at facilitating productive conversation; but some conversations prevent mediators from taking specific enough notes while facilitating discussion.  Consequently, a second mediator, with proficiency in note-taking skills, performs that task in order to ensure that the content of the discussion is adequately documented.  The combination of effective facilitation and accurate note-taking can be the difference between a mediocre mediation and one that actually allows the disputants to experience resolution.

Benefits of Co-Mediation in Minnesota

Co-Mediation is also potentially advantageous to the people who have sought mediation.  From the perspective of the disputant, it is sometimes more preferable to have two mediators present.  This preference can occur when one disputant is made to feel more comfortable with a mediator with whom that person can better identify.  For example, in divorce cases involving couples who are of different sexes, having only one mediator who is the same sex as that person’s divorcing spouse can create feelings of unfairness.  More simply, it may be that that person simply has a more difficult time communicating with a member of the opposite sex.  Good mediators—like Johnson Mediation’s staff—understand and anticipate such things, and therefore offer co-mediation as a possibility before the issue has presented itself as a problem.

Johnson Mediation is committed to helping you reduce stress and difficulty in whatever way we can.  Having the option of co-mediation available to you demonstrates Johnson Mediation’s professionalism, commitment to your well-being, and our comprehensive knowledge of the field of mediation.  If you find yourself in need of mediation services, especially if what you need relates to divorce and/or parenting mediation, call Johnson Mediation at (952) 401-7599 to learn more about the divorce mediation services we offer that can help you and your family move forward in a healthy way.

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