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Parenting Plan | Minnesota Mediators

May 7, 2016

Parenting Plan MNWhat is a Parenting Plan?  A parenting plan is a written document that helps parents determine how best to raise their children following their separation or divorce.  Johnson Mediation, of Minnesota, can help you write a parenting plan that will not only give you a solid reference point and accountability measure for raising your children following separation or divorce, it may also help you reduce friction that exists between you and your ex-spouse.  By documenting your parenting arrangement about how to raise your children post-divorce, you will be able to refer back to the parenting guidelines going forward if there is cause for conflict.  And being able to make reference to a contract can have the effect of averting conflict before it arises.

With the help of Johnson Mediation, your parenting plan will be specific and the points contained in it will have been created with the help of mediators who are experts in their field.  Your parenting plan will be as close to air-tight as it possibly can be.  It can make working with your ex-spouse on matters pertaining to your children far easier.

Parenting Plan Development

There are many things to consider when writing up a parenting plan.  Without training, which most parents do not possess, much may be forgotten or ignored.  But Johnson Mediation can virtually guarantee that all bases will be covered because of their expertise.  Important aspects of a parenting plan include the following:

  • Parents’ schedules and other details related to living arrangements
  • Holidays, travel, and vacation times
  • Healthcare (especially if you have a child with special needs)
  • School-related issues
  • Non-school activities (e.g., soccer, baseball, dance, etc.)
  • Religion
  • Relationships and time spent with other family members
  • How the divorcing parents will communicate with each other
  • How changes to the parenting plan will be made
  • Resolution of financial issues, such as how bills will be paid in the event of needing a mediator to resolve issues with the parenting plan
  • Issues that are more difficult to predict, such as dealing with pets, responding to kids who experiment with drugs or get in trouble at school, whether or not to give children cell phones and who will pay the bills, etc.

Johnson Mediation:  Experts In Developing A Usable Parenting Plan

You may think of some of these issues, but it’s the ones that you wouldn’t think of that can become problems later on.  Johnson Mediation is simply an ideal choice to help you create a Parenting Plan that will work for everyone affected by your divorce.

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