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Child-Custody Mediation Chanhassen Minnesota

April 30, 2016

Child Custody MediationFinding a child-custody mediator is extremely important if you are seeking to find a strong, reliable plan for determining how best to divide time for your children after your divorceChild custody mediation is increasingly becoming the go-to approach for divorcing couples, and is a process supported by the court system precisely because of the reliability of services like Johnson Mediation based in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Neutral Mediators in Chanhassen, MN

Johnson Mediation provides neutral mediators in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and that very quality of neutrality is often what divorcing couples need in order to remind themselves of what is in their children’s best interests. The mediation process attempts to remind parents of their natural commitment to their children’s well-being.  The assumption, of course, is that all parents have that commitment, but that sometimes divorce can skew our perspectives and cause us to focus more on the anger or bitterness that often occurs in divorce cases.  A neutral third-party, such as a mediator, is often all that is needed in order to help you and/or your divorcing spouse get back in touch with what should be the primary desired outcome of the divorce process, which is the minimizing of any negative impact on your children.

To maximize the mediation process, Johnson Mediation recommends the following steps.

  • When children are affected by divorce, focus on their needs, not your own.
  • Compartmentalize custody discussions from other aspects of your divorce, such as property division or child support.
  • Understand that there is no universal plan for child custody that works for everyone. Your child may well have special needs relating to age, personality, or level of development.
  • Even if you have to work hard at it, find a way to acknowledge your divorcing spouse’s strengths. This will have immediate benefits for your children and will help you find solutions.
  • Unless there are legitimate concerns about your ex-spouse’s ability to keep your children safe, you must acknowledge your ex’s right to time with your children. A solid parenting plan will go a long way toward ensuring a safe environment for your children.
  • Be prepared when you participate in custody mediation by having access to your own ideas for the plan; bring a calendar to help identify scheduling limitations like school holidays, kids’ activities, and your work schedule.
  • Be flexible and adaptive.

Divorce Mediation Services

Going into the process prepared will allow you to minimize the areas of conflict between you and your ex, and will ultimately be in the best interests of your children.  Johnson Mediation helps you focus on you, your family and your future.  Call our team at (952) 401-7599 for more information about our divorce mediation services.

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