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Parenting Class Instructor Minnesota

April 22, 2016

Parenting Class Instructor MNParenting is often referred to as one of the most difficult jobs in life.  It is made even more difficult during and after a divorce.  The team at Johnson Mediation in Chanhassen, Minnesota is committed to providing insight, expertise and passion for conflict resolution to parents who have gone through or will soon go through a divorce.  As an instructor of classes in post-divorce parenting, Jeff Johnson has the capacity to help you improve communication and reduce conflict with your ex-spouse in a safe and constructive environment.

Reduce Conflict, Improve Communication and Improve Parenting Skills

By addressing the myriad issues of communication that can occur between divorcing/divorced spouses, you can markedly reduce conflict between you and your ex-spouse.  It is not difficult to see the connection between improved communication skills and improved conditions for your children.  Reducing conflict, at the very least, shows the potential that all family members affected by divorce have for getting along with each other more harmoniously.  And the harmony that can accompany improved communication does not simply have to be superficial—it can be born of a genuine respect for your ex-spouse, which can prompt healing from the stress and pain that is inevitable in most, if not all, divorce situations.

Focus On You and Your Family During Divorce

Divorce is among life’s most stressful circumstances.  Johnson Mediation recognizes this fact, and works to help all family members who are affected by the divorce understand how best to move forward.  For the parents who are divorcing, addressing the issues that might well have led to the divorce can give insight that helps improve parenting skills.  Johnson Mediation encourages increased self-knowledge so that children, who are the most vulnerable family members in divorce situations, are given the best possible chance of coming out of the divorce healthy, happy, and well-adjusted.

Johnson Mediation offers the following comprehensive set of courses and services that help couples focus on the importance of their family and children during this difficult process:

Navigate a Minnesota Divorce

Opening yourself up to the lessons that are available to you after your divorce can make you the kind of parent you want to be.  Having an advocate who is committed to the overall health and welfare of your whole family can go a long way toward helping you see that your ex-spouse, with whom you may still have unresolved conflicts, is also committed to the health and well-being of your children.

Trying to navigate the terrain of divorce alone can be tricky, and often impossibly difficult.  But Johnson Mediation has the experience, insight, and professional acumen to help you maximize your parenting, even in the middle of a very stressful experience like divorce.  Call (952) 401-7599 for more information, or to schedule a 1 hour consultation.

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