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Marriage Mediation in Minnesota

April 15, 2016

Minnesota Mediation for CouplesIn the United States, it is still true that more than half of all marriages end in divorce.  As a consequence, there are services, such as divorce mediation provided by Johnson Mediation of Minnesota, to help couples proceed through the stages of divorce with minimal conflict and the easiest possible transitions.  And when divorce is really and truly the only option left to couples, services like divorce mediation can be irreplaceable and positive.  And perhaps because of the high-intensity nature of divorce, it receives a lot of attention.  Minnesota courts now recommend that all couples consider mediation strategies as a first step to navigate divorce.

Using Marriage Mediation As A Navigation Tool For Conflict

But parallel to divorce mediation is marriage mediation.  The professionals of Johnson Mediation (located in Chanhassen, Minnesota) offer marriage support and expert counsel for couples experiencing conflict, but who still have a commitment to and hope for saving their marriage.  The Johnson Mediation process begins with an assumption that all relationships of a long-term nature experience periodic conflict.

From that acknowledgment, the staff of Johnson Mediation can then work with the members of the couple to determine the nature of the conflict and identify realistic and attainable solutions.  Marriage mediation can save marriages, and the kind of marriage support offered by Johnson Mediation can give couples the kind of personalized support and relationship insight that they might have been missing.  A neutral third party, such as that which is provided by Johnson Mediation, can be exactly what the couple needs to get over the hump (or humps) that have been impeding their relationship.

Comprehensive & Compassionate Mediation

Johnson Mediation can help couples in conflict address the unique dynamics that cause conflict to persist.  The most common cause of conflict is communication—but ‘communication’ is such a broad topic area, couples in conflict will most often need to dig deeper to understand the specific communication issues in order to have hope of finding resolution.  If communication is a kind of umbrella term that covers other, more specific issues, Johnson Mediation can help you identify what those specific issues are.  But there is no resolution without first identifying the nature of the issues. From there, you will have the tools to help guide you in the same path or a separate path from your partner.

Most Common Issues We See in Minnesota Divorce & Marriage Mediation

Some of the more common issues that contribute to conflict include financial concerns, the amount of time couples spend together, different expectations regarding affection and intimacy, relationships with people outside of your home (such as extended family and friends), how we practice our parenting skills, religious beliefs, and the presence of career concerns on the couple.

Communication is almost certainly at the root of most issues couples face together, and when there is a desire to save the relationship, the kind of marriage mediation offered by Johnson Mediation can be exactly what you need to save your marriage.  Call (952) 401-7599 for more information today.

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