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Divorce Support Minnesota | Mediation & Parenting

April 7, 2016

Minnesota Divorce MediatorLack of communication is a major factor in bringing many Minnesota couples to the brink of divorce. Parents living inside of non-communicative marriage may find that they have drifted apart and have very little in common. If after careful consideration, both parties decide to end the marriage then Professional Divorce Mediation could facilitate a Children Friendly Divorce. The Role of a Skilled Divorce Mediator is one of Confidential and Impartial Conflict Resolution. Johnson Mediation can provide Divorce and Parenting Mediation Services that result in a fair and reasonable conclusion without the Harmful Effects of Parental Conflict.

Role of Professional Divorce Mediator

A Divorce Mediator can be a valuable asset for couples who choose to decide on their own divorce. Each party in the dissolution of marriage can have an active role in making important decisions regarding Division of Assets, Child Custody, Parenting Time Schedules, Alimony and Child Support.

The mediation process for parenting issues and divorce often results in Positive Outcomes for Minnesota families. Mediation is usually much Less Expensive than the traditional legal process. During mediation, an Experienced Divorce Mediator should be:

  • Confidential
  • Impartial
  • Neutral
  • Supportive
  • Knowledgeable
  • Informative
  • Good Listener
  • Skilled in Communication
  • Understanding of Minnesota laws
  • Protective of Children’s Best Interest
  • Refraining from real or perceived Conflict of Interest

Children Friendly Divorce

It is no secret that divorce can be very difficult on the children. The Mediation Process is often the best avenue for parents who want to minimize any trauma felt by a child caught in the middle of their parent’s conflict. A Child Friendly Divorce keeps the child’s best interest in the forefront of all decision making.

Avoid Effects of Parental Conflict

Johnson Mediation provides several resources for parents who are currently in the process of divorcing, deciding on a divorce or living post-divorce. Services including Parenting Classes and Parent Consulting can be very beneficial for avoiding the Effects of Parent Conflict on the children.

Divorcing or Divorced Parents can learn how to:

  • Provide Stability
  • Limit Traumatic Changes
  • Actively Listen to the child
  • Provide Positive Focus
  • Build a Strong Relationship with each child
  • Avoid Negative Comments about other parent
  • Encourage Growth and age appropriate responsibilities
  • Maintain Open Communication and dialog with children

Confidential Divorce & Parenting Mediation

Confidentiality, Effective Communication and Positive Focus are cornerstones of professional mediation services at Johnson Mediation. In the role of an impartial mediator, we can provide support and information for parents involved in the divorce process. The Divorce Mediation Process is usually completed with less cost, less conflict and faster resolution than a traditional divorce.

Remember Johnson Mediation for Professional MN Divorce Mediation & Parenting Services. We can be reached at (952) 401-7599.

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