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Agree to Your Divorce | Minnesota Mediation Specialists

March 25, 2016

ease the stress caused by divorce in MinnesotaWhen it becomes obvious that it is time to pursue divorcing our marriage partner, we must prepare for a kind of stress that rivals the loss of a job or the death of a loved-one.  We can hope that our divorce proves amicable, but it is unrealistic to think that it can be stress-free.  But agreeing to divorce your spouse can be made less stressful by pursuing mediated divorce instead of the more familiar court-related processes.   Johnson Mediation of Minnesota can ease the stress caused by divorce.  Johnson Mediation staff members are trained to assist you in all areas in which stress tends to build and where professional knowledge is most necessary: the emotional, logistical, and legal aspects that characterize divorce.

Complexity Of Divorce

Divorce is not simply the dissolution of a marriage; it is the separation of the many aspects of life that have been connected to another person, sometimes for a very long time.  And during divorce, those attachments can trigger strong emotions when combined with the strain of divorce proceedings.  When you realize that your relationship is coming to an end, the help you may need psychologically, emotionally, and legally can be provided by Johnson Mediation.

Johnson Mediation can help you make sense of the tasks associated with divorce, including the division of property, financial responsibilities, selling a house (if applicable), and resolving tax implications.

Mediation Vs. A Court Battle

What may be more familiar are the legal aspects of divorce.  It is vital that you go into divorce proceedings knowing your legal obligations and options, the possibility of court costs, the debt you have incurred during your marriage, paternal financial support, child support, and other legal issues.  The staff of Johnson Mediation understands and keeps current with the law regarding marriage and divorce, and can be immensely helpful in clarifying the many questions associated with the divorce process.  Mediation is also confidential and gives you and your spouse more control over the decisions and the outcome.

Mediate Your Divorce and Continue Living the Life You Want

Johnson Mediation has identified the emotional, logistical, and legal aspects of divorce as the most prominent categories affecting divorcing couples and families.  The complex nature of relationships means that the emotional/psychological, logistical, and legal components of a divorce overlap frequently.  Your emotional state can diminish your ability to attend to the many components of divorce.  Likewise, logistical and legal components that were not considered can prompt emotional upheaval.  You owe it to yourself to recognize the necessity of finding professionals who can advocate on your behalf and provide confidential advice and guidance through one of the most stressful experiences we can go through.  The staff of Johnson Mediation is exceptionally well qualified to provide all of these services.  Call 1-(952)-401-7599 to learn more.

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