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Minnesota Divorce and Parenting Resources

March 11, 2016

Co-Mediation can WorkOne of the many burdens of adulthood is the expectation that we live our lives demonstrating that we are capable of empathizing with others. Lacking empathy is one factor that can contribute to the failure of relationships. Parents who successfully teach their children empathy have succeeded exceptionally well, and the teaching of empathy is arguably most important when it is communicated to children.

Navigating Divorce With A Focus On Your Children

When divorce becomes a reality for you, it can be difficult to find your own capacity for empathizing with the spouse from whom you are divorcing. And though it may not be desirable, you can probably get through your divorce process without empathizing with your spouse. The same choice should not be made as it regards your children. No matter how much anger or negativity you feel toward your spouse, you should work to feel differently so as not to affect your children with those negative feelings. Children understand more than we know, and the team at Johnson Mediation can help you understand their experience with your divorce through its array of parenting resources.

For your children, your divorce is a disruption of patterns that they may interpret as their fault. Children too often blame themselves for the failure of their parents’ marriage. To successfully empathize with your children is to communicate to them your understanding of their experience with the divorce, and to find the best possible way of communicating to them that the divorce is not their fault.

Recommendations For Helping Children Through Divorce Process

Depending on your children’s level of development, this process is likely to be difficult. The Johnson Mediation staff can help you in find the best way to communicate with your children and mitigate the impact of your divorce on their perceptions of the changes they are experiencing.

Other recommendations that Johnson Mediation can be helpful with include:

  • How to ensure that your children that you will always be there for them. Divorce changes familiar patterns, but it should not cause doubt about your love for your children.
  • Providing clarity about the reality of the divorce. Honest communication about your changing relationship will help them adjust.
  • Exhibiting good listening skills with your children. There is arguably no better way of communicating empathy than by listening.
  • Being clear about the co-parenting plans you and your former spouse are creating. Communicate co-parenting plans honestly, and have your children’s best interests in mind when you do.
  • Giving your children a healthy measure of choice. This will empower them to feel a measure of control. Children of divorce often have greater difficulty because of limited choices.

Johnson Mediation can provide strong parenting resources and support that can help you navigate a divorce in the best possible way for you and your children. Call our team at (952) 401-7599 to learn more about our services.

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