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Parent Forever Classes Minnesota

March 4, 2016

Parenting Class MNDealing with divorce isn’t just hard on the ones in and out of court, but also for the children and teens. Here at Johnson Mediation we provide parent forever classes for the Minnesota residents to utilize during the divorce period. Whether it is court ordered or agreed upon to go. We are a healthy and efficient third party care giver. Our experienced team can guide you in the process to enroll in parent forever classes that will assist you and your family with the tools to move forward in life from this temporary stage. Give us a call today, we would be happy to help.

Create a Parenting Plan

Our compassionate and professional team specializes in the process of creating a parenting plan. We have the tools and know-how to maintain a safe mediation to effectively provide what is best for the children of the parents. With our guidance we can assist in the transportation details, holidays spent, school they will be attending. Any of your shared and agreed upon suggestions can be heard and considered in a safe environment.

12-hour Parenting Class

Having a constructive parenting class during divorce is critical on how your children react and recover. We provide highly skilled parenting classes designed to specify individually in many different cases. We have a very effective 12-hour parenting class set up block structurally. Three to four hour classes ranging from different topics. For as little as twelve hours it is definitely a difference maker for many years after the divorce stage. Give us a call today and ask about our parent forever classes in Minnesota!

Online Parenting Class

Our online parenting classes are designed for the parent that is always on the go. Utilizing your down time at night to better your loved ones is extremely commendable. When in our first class it will give you the tools to deal with legal process options, stress and grieving, child support, domestic violence and complicating factors, legal, and non-legal factors as well. Our trained and experienced team designed these classes to best compliment your parenting program. Give us a call today and ask about our online parenting classes!

In Person Parenting Class

We always highly recommend in person parenting classes above all else. It will really give you the one-on-one feel and education that is here for you to utilize and fully grasp by a professional. We excel in maintain in constant contact with growing strategies and procedures for updating our parenting classes. Being in the divorce stage can be tough and we understand. Come on down for a consultation on in person parenting classes here at Johnson Mediation, we would be happy to help and you will be happy we did. Give us a call today (952) 401-7599!

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