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Minnesota Parenting Classes

February 13, 2016

MN Parenting ClassesWhen dealing with a divorce you have a lot on your plate. From legal duties to emotional, the children must always stay important. Here at Johnson Mediation we offer educational parenting courses to both parties with utensils to full fill a healthy future. Parenting classes are providing for bettering your and your children’s lives. We thrive to assist in any needs dealing with divorce to be safe and productive. With the help of us here at Johnson Mediation we can bring tools to the table when parenting that maybe you didn’t know you had. Call us today to set up any of your parenting classes needs!

Parents Forever Classes™

The most popular of our Minnesota divorce and parenting classes is the Parents Forever Classes™. Our professional, experienced, and educated background works well when we help you to build the stepping stones on achieving a healthy relationship between you and your ex, and even your children. The transition period between and even after divorce can be rough on kids as so for teens. Let us help you educate them in the process and meaning of what is happening in their delicate life. We have in person parenting classes to help meet and bond with fellow parents. The course curriculum is in a 12-hour class series available local across the state of Minnesota. Also we have online Minnesota parenting courses as well for those busier scheduled families.

Parenting Classes Focus Points

When dealing with divorce and children involved there is a special task at hand to smoothly overcome this trying time. With help from professional Minnesota mediators our classes can help you learn how to parent single handedly or understand the values of co-parenting. This process is highly emotional at times, with stress and grieving to anger and joy. Our highly trained team focuses on all the high tension spots and we can all come up with healthy solutions. When looking for parenting classes after divorce in Minnesota, call Johnson Mediation we have the resources best for you!

Parents Forever Class Series

Serving families with professional parenting classes is a pride of ours. Anything to help the future of tomorrow become a strong and healthy contributing member of society is a must. We have been assisting the transition of divorce with many families for over two decades. We offer numerous resources in the divorce and courses area to ensure a smooth switch in continuing your future. Having the ability to do in person or online courses we urge you and your family to look into registering for professional parenting classes during divorce in Minnesota. There is a lot of help out there. You just need the right team to assist you and your family in your time of need. Call us today and let’s get your life back on track 952) 401-7599!

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