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Divorce Mediation and Parenting Services

February 4, 2016

Minnesota Divorce MediatorIncreasingly, couples are choosing to enlist the help of a Divorce Mediator as a healthier, faster and more financially sound alternative to the traditional divorce process. The role of a Divorce Mediator is one of Conflict Resolution, Parenting Plan Architect and Information Resource. At Johnson Mediation we focus not only on the fair dissolution of marriage but also on the needs of the minor children. Johnson Mediation provides Confidential Divorce Mediation Services along with Parenting Services that help to pave the way for a beautiful future after divorce. Contact us for a Free Consultation where your questions can be answered on a personal and confidential level.

Comprehensive Divorce Mediation Services

Peaceful dissolution of a marriage is more than possible with the help of a trained Divorce Mediator at Johnson Mediation. Our mediators act as a neutral third party with the ability to resolve conflicts and guide you through to a healthy conclusion. The mediation process is generally faster and less expensive than adversarial divorce without the assistance of an educated mediator. Mediation allows individuals to retain their dignity throughout a journey that can otherwise be very stressful and difficult to navigate.

Beneficial Parenting Services

Living through divorce is one of the most emotion filled periods of your lifetime. The emotional aspect is often multiplied when the welfare of minor children are involved. At Johnson Mediation we provide several services that are specifically designed to assist parents with keeping a child’s needs front and center. Our parenting services can be very beneficial before, during and post divorce.

Individualized Parenting Solutions

Deciding on divorce is most likely a prolonged process in which many alternatives are considered. Parents involved in the divorce process are divorcing each other, not the children. Effective parenting skills are imperative in helping children to transition to a new way of life. Here are some of the valuable services available to parents through Johnson Mediation:

  • Parenting Time Expeditor
  • Parents Forever Classes
  • Parenting Consultant
  • Child Support Arrangements

Confidential Divorce and Parenting Solutions

Johnson Mediation provides solutions for couples that are contemplating divorce or are currently involved in dissolving a marriage. Our Parenting Services and Confidential Divorce Mediation Services can be invaluable during your journey. The mediation process is usually more affordable, healthier and more expedient than the traditional adversarial divorce. Your parenting skills can really be put to the test while working through and past divorce. Seeking out the help of a highly trained professional Parenting Consultant can be a beautiful solution.

Contact Johnson Mediation for Divorce Mediation and Parenting Services at (952) 401-7599.

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