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Helpful Insight on Co-Parenting with Your Ex

February 2, 2016

Co Parenting Support MNFor whatever reason or reasons you have gotten divorced from your spouse, if you have children your top priority must be their health and well-being. Johnson Mediation is well equipped to help you ensure that your priorities are in the order that will best suit your children. The difficulty of divorce is often made more difficult by our own inability to make clear decisions at times. If our split from our spouse is particularly stressful, it is likely that we will make choices that either prevent us from being fully aware of our choices’ impact on our children, or even potentially make a few bad decisions may have a more direct and immediate impact on them.

Benefits of Mediation For Your Children

Increasingly, divorcing couples are seeking the services of mediators, such as Johnson Mediation, because of the greater simplicity, creativity and control family and divorce mediation offers. When it comes to providing insights pertaining to children, mediators can look more closely at your unique situation to find solutions that will work for you. Lawyers working through the court system may not have this time or perspective. Johnson Mediation makes a commitment to you, your spouse, and most importantly your children, so that the outcomes reached during your divorce proceedings have the best possible chance of working for all involved.

It can be immensely helpful to have the services of an impartial third-party during divorce proceedings, even when the split between you and your spouse is amicable. A mediator like Johnson Mediation can offer insights about how best to approach parenting after divorce, in order to make the most of the changes that will be introduced to your children’s lives.

Co-Parenting Strategies For Ensuring Smooth Transitions

Co-Parenting, which is more traditionally referred to as “shared custody” or “joint custody,” requires cooperation between and among the divorcing spouses. Johnson Mediation therefore recommends the following:

  1. Be sure to keep the dialogue open between you and your divorcing spouse. Take advantage of various forms of communication, such as email, texting, face to face conversation, online video chatting, and even old-fashioned letter-writing.
  2. Make rules in each household consistent for your children. Inconsistency sends mixed messages to children and mixed messages cause confusion.
  3. Speak positively about your ex-spouse in the presence of your children.
  4. Find agreement on boundaries and behavior. Your children should never be used as a means of expressing anger toward your ex-spouse, so resist the temptation to be more or less permissive than your ex. But to find harmony in co-parenting, you and your ex will have to find ways to communicate and sometimes set aside your own preferences in order to ensure that your children’s best interests are kept as the number one priority.

If you would like to speak with a member of the Johnson Mediation team about the intricacies of your divorce, call 1-952-401-7599 to schedule a free 1 hour consultation.

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