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Johnson Mediation Chanhassen Minnesota

January 28, 2016

divorce mediation servicesIf you and your spouse are considering divorcing, you have many decisions ahead. One of the first and perhaps most important is how you will navigate your divorce. You can go through the traditional court system, or partner with a mediator to help settle your divorce. Johnson Mediation, of Chanhassen, Minnesota can help you through this difficult process, offering what most traditional divorce lawyers, who work through the traditional court systems and processes, cannot. Johnson Mediation is organized around the idea of advocating for you, personalizing your situation, and working toward the best possible solution for all those affected by your divorce. Additionally, Johnson Mediation encourages you to consider them as one of the possible mediators to take your case by offering a free one-hour consultation. This allows you to ask questions that are pertinent to your particular situation. You get to determine whether or not the match is a good one.

Finding The Most Effective Way To Manage Your Divorce

And when you enter the process of divorce, things get pretty complicated very fast. You will want to know that you can count on your mediator to work toward your best interests, and those of your children and even your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, during and after the proceedings are complete. Divorce is undeniably complicated. Johnson Mediation can help you ensure that the dissolution of your marriage results in the correct distribution and navigation through the processes of separating assets, resolving debts, splitting retirement accounts, resolving loans, and most important of all, creating a workable parenting plan when children are involved.

If one spouse is dependent on the other financially, Johnson Mediation is also equipped to help find the best possible resolution to this issue.

Comprehensive Resources Offered By Johnson Mediation

Additionally, Johnson Mediation provides important assistance in other areas too. Those services include:

  1. Parenting Consultation: Your mediator serves as a neutral third-party, often providing insight from the perspective of a child-development specialist. This service can help divorcing parents make the best decisions for their children.
  2. Parenting Time Expeditor: Minnesota law determines that a Parenting Time Expeditor may find it necessary to enforce, interpret, and clarify current time orders. Also, if there are issues not specifically addressed by the current agreement, the expeditor may determine that a new solution is warranted.
  3. Social Early Neutral Evaluation: When custody and parenting time, or visitation, matters are involved, an evaluator can offer a neutral evaluation to determine the best next steps.
  4. Financial Early Neutral Evaluation: Divorce creates stress, one kind of which is almost certainly to be financial stress. The evaluator of financial issues can help to determine if financial matters can be resolved via mediation or if a more traditional adversarial approach may be necessary.

Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, MN, is uniquely qualified to help you through your divorce proceedings. Call 1-952-401-7599 for more information.

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