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Divorce Coach Minneapolis MN

January 15, 2016

Minnesota Divorce MediationWe made it though 2015. That being said, many couples are ready to move on to a new chapter of their lives through divorce. Although the decision to end a marriage is a difficult one at any time of the year it is particularly hard during the holidays. The month of January is sometimes referred to as “divorce month” due to the uptick in divorce filings that month. As a Minneapolis MN Divorce Coach, Johnson Mediation can assist in navigating through the process as painlessly as possible. A Divorce Coach can be of great help in areas such as Legal Support, Emotional Support, Goal Development and Parenting Plan Assistance.

Legal Support

A Certified Divorce Coach is not a substitute for a divorce attorney and does not give out legal advice. Rather, we provide assistance in separating the emotional aspects of divorce from the legal and business aspects. Your divorce coach is likely to provide resources that enable each individual to better understand the choices and decisions that must be made throughout the divorce process.

Emotional Support

Going through a divorce can be one of the most emotionally charged events in your lifetime. Friends and family are often ready to provide advice whether it is wanted or not. Having a nonjudgmental professional to add Emotional Support can reduce the stress and add more confidence as you rediscover yourself.

Goal Development

While transitioning through the divorce process it is very beneficial to set realistic goals for yourself. An Experienced Divorce Coach can help you to sift through the emotional trauma and get down to decision making with confidence. Understanding your options and communicating effectively allows you to be prepared for whatever your future holds.

Child Custody Agreements

The needs and welfare of the children should be kept front and center during and after your divorce has been completed. Child Custody Agreements are no exception to this rule. As your Divorce Coach, Johnson Mediation can provide parenting Plan Assistance that fair and always puts the children first.

Minneapolis Divorce Coach Services

You have made it through the holiday season. Now is the time to focus on beginning 2016 by doing what is right for you and your children. If the answer is moving forward with a divorce then focus on doing it the right way with the help of a professional like Johnson Mediation.

Johnson Mediation provides wonderful resources for couples that believe divorcing is in their best interest. Our Divorce Coaching Services can be beneficial in numerous aspects including Child Custody Agreements, Goal Development and Achievement, resources for Legal Support and nonjudgmental Emotional Support. Do yourself a favor and start the new year on a positive course by calling for an appointment today.

Contact Johnson Mediation when you want a better divorce experience through a Minneapolis Divorce Coach. Use our Online Form or Call (952) 401-7599.

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