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Different Divorce Paths

January 13, 2016

Minnesota Divorce HelpDivorce can be troublesome for not only the parents but the children, if any involved, as well. Here at Johnson Mediation we dedicate our services for the smoothest and safest journey through this less than fortunate time in your life. With offering a free hour consultation our experienced mediators will help you and the other party find the best options available to continue a function-able future for everyone involved. Here at Johnson Mediation we provide a variety of services to help in multiple ways to improve this harder of times.

Divorce Mediation– A greatly helpful service we provide is divorce mediation or comprehensive mediation in other terms. When dealing with issues that are agreeable and some that maybe need to be talked about further with professionals we can help everyone get on the same page and the insurance that everyone is getting their fair share. Offering the first hour free Johnson Mediation will work with you till the bitter end utilizing every if any service we can provide best that suits your personal situation. Call us today to set up an appointment!

Collaborative Divorce– When both parties have lawyers we provide what is called collaborative divorce, which is both parties agree on settling on negotiation purposes with the help of lawyers. The Participation Agreement is made when doing collaborative divorce that will entail relying on their lawyers to assist when reaching for a settlement, maintain strong relationships between children and parents, along with remaining constructive and fair.

DIY Divorce– Doing it yourself is extremely possible but only if that is what’s best for you, as well as everyone else involved. Our dedicated team can assist you when in the process of filing for divorce, asking for what you feel your entitled to, and even just a ear to speak to. Here at Johnson Mediation we understand this is a painful time and we will help you achieve whatever you need with the tools we provide, call us today!

Litigated Divorce Services– When the two parties have been through the ringer and still cannot agree on the terms provided for them, that is when divorce litigation is most recommended. Dealing with alimony, child support or even spousal support the process can be very draining and emotional which leaves both parties at a standstill. Our professional team can help you and the other member achieve what may seem like a never ending battle transform to the light at the end of the tunnel in a safe and civil manor.

If you filing for divorce in Minnesota and would like a professional that will tend to your every need call Johnson Mediation to set up an easy appointment so we can help you achieve what you deserve! Don’t let the pain set in too long and begin to live a better tomorrow with our help call today (952) 401-7599!

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