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New Year’s Resolutions

January 8, 2016

Co-Mediation can WorkAs you ring in the New Year, you may be thinking ahead about the coming year and realizing that there are aspects of your life that need to change. Perhaps you need to lose weight, or you want to find a better balance between work and home life. Or, you may also be realizing that you need to make a change in your marriage, perhaps trying a separation or even moving forward with a divorce, after months or years of discord. As you think about the new year and the new changes that may be coming, you may also want to think about how to implement these changes with the least possible amount of disruption. Mediation is fast becoming a very popular and effective strategy for navigating the separation or divorce process. Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, MN offers a comprehensive and compassionate program for divorcing couples.

Integrative Approach To Divorce Mediation

Johnson Mediation focuses on all aspects of a divorce or separation, including the emotional needs of both parties, the logistical details of the divorce including child custody and a parenting plan, and the legal aspects of a divorce so that both parties understand what lies ahead. Deciding to proceed with a separation or divorce is never something to take lightly, but it is important to find a way through this process that does not further damage the relationships. While a divorce means that you will no longer be living in the same household and making joint decisions, particularly if you have children, you will have to continue to interact and cooperate on certain things.

Johnson Mediation’s comprehensive mediation program can help you lay the foundation for a healthy and productive future. We can facilitate productive discussion about division of assets, child and/or spousal support amounts, and developing a parenting plan. Our team can help facilitate discussion and also offer many other resources that you can take advantage of during this transitional time including parents forever classes, divorce coaching, and grief and divorce recovery support.

Johnson Mediation Can Help You In The Coming Year

As you look ahead to the coming year, if you are contemplating divorce, consider seeking support from Johnson Mediation. The team at Johnson Mediation offers a free consultation for those who may be considering comprehensive mediation services. We can meet with you and your ex-partner, answer questions and develop a plan for moving forward in a healthy and productive way. Call 1-952-401-7599 to get started.

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