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Turning the Corner Toward Divorce

November 21, 2015

Avoid Common Divorce MistakesWhen we come to the realization that it is in our best interests to seek a divorce from our spouse, we enter into a part of modern life that almost guarantees choppy emotional waters. More practically, those emotional and psychological lows tend to negatively impact our ability to respond to the divorce process with confidence in the aspects of it that are arguably the most important to a peaceful and healthy resolution. What tends to suffer along with our emotions are our capacities to manage the emotional, logistical, and legal ramifications that almost always go along with divorce. Johnson Mediation is trained to provide assistance in exactly those areas.

You have invested a significant part of your life with your spouse. Emotional attachment develops regardless of how strained the relationship has become. And trying to break those attachments at the very least requires time and energy, and often significant amounts of each. When you realize that the relationship, once based in love, must come to an end, you are likely to have a strong emotional response of one kind or another to that realization.

Managing the Emotions, Logistics and Legal Details

And then there are the more mechanical realities of divorce. Johnson Mediation can help you make sense of all that must be done, from the division of property and financial responsibilities to how to sell your house (if need be) and resolve tax implications. When the patterns of our lives become entrenched, we can fail to see their presence in our daily lives. But a divorce can reveal them anew, and furthermore create stress because they have to be resolved. Johnson Mediation is aware of these possibilities and is prepared to help you not lose sight of them.

Finally, there are the legal implications of divorce. It is important to go into divorce proceedings knowing your legal obligations, whether they relate to court costs, debt incurred during your marriage, paternal financial support, child support, or other legal issues. Johnson Mediation understand and keep current with the law as it regards marriage and divorce, and can be immensely helpful in clarifying the many questions that accrue to the divorce process.

Johnson Mediation Can Help You Take The Next Step

Johnson Mediation has identified the emotional, logistical, and legal aspects of divorce as the most prominent categories that require attention. They do not necessarily operate independently of each other, of course. Emotions can influence your ability to pay attention to logistical and legal components of the process. Likewise, logistical and legal components that were not considered can prompt emotional upheaval. It is important to go into the divorce process with an advocate who can help you balance all of these possibilities, and Johnson Mediation is among the best. Call our team at 1-952-401-7599 for more information.

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