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Parenting Plans For the Holidays

November 19, 2015

Parenting Plans for Holiday SeasonThe holidays can be stressful, even when a family is intact and not going through a divorce, but the first few holiday seasons after a breakup can be excruciatingly difficult for all, especially the children. With now two different families to spend time with, and pressure at every turn, it is wise to spend some time right now to come up with a holiday parenting plan that will put your kids first and ensures that true meaning of the season is not lost.

Here are some basic tips to consider as the holidays approach:

  1. Put your kids first: There is no doubt that you are feeling sadness, anger and loss this holiday season. Nothing can prepare you for what it feels like to enter the first holidays season after a divorce, but putting your kids first this holiday season (and always) will promote healthy healing for all. This is a huge adjustment for them as well, so thinking about a holiday plan or schedule that they will be comfortable with is key.
  2. Avoid too much shuttling from place to place: The holidays are chaotic even during a normal year, but soon after a divorce, normalcy is nearly impossible to find. Stay away from over scheduling and shuttling the kids all over the place during Christmas or Hanukkah to appease relatives.
  3. Act like adults: Talk to your soon to be ex-spouse before the holidays approach and make sure that you can both be civil and kind, even if it is just for the sake of the kids. Your kids will be looking to you to model adult behavior, even during the stress of the holidays. If your split is amicable, even consider having some portion of the holiday festivities together, to show the kids that you both still love them and are still a family, even if things are changing.
  4. Ease up on time pressure: This holiday season will be difficult enough without the pressure of arriving and leaving each event at a specific time. If you are running late this year, avoid the tendency to let this increase your stress level.

Divorce Mediation Helps You Approach The Holidays With Kindness and Love

If you and your ex-spouse can tackle some of these tips to make this holiday season a success, it will be a win for you all. Divorce mediation helps families get through difficult times like the holidays with a well developed plan that is agreed upon by both parties. Johnson Mediation provides Minnesota parenting services to couples who are ready to put the needs of the individuals in the context of the family instead of the adversarial legal process. If you would like more information about divorce mediation services, give Johnson Mediation a call at 1-952-401-7599.

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