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Co-Parenting is a Commitment

November 13, 2015

Minnesota Co-Parenting SupportDivorce is a reality of life in the 21st century. Many still consider it a failure of sorts—the promise and possibility of eternal love that ends for any number of reasons. Regardless of one’s thoughts about divorce, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that it is of utmost importance to prioritize the welfare of the children affected by divorce. This prioritizing is likely to encourage divorcing parents to engage in the divorce process in ways that are healthier than they once were. Think about it: If your marriage is ending and the relationship has been characterized by hostility, working for the benefit of your child may necessitate greater degrees of forgiveness, flexibility, and maturity toward your parenting partner.

Benefits of Shared Custody

When divorce occurs, many more parents than ever before are opting not just for shared custody—in which one parent is granted primary responsibility for the child or children, sharing child-time with the other parent—but joint custody, also known as co-parenting arrangements. When there are no other factors that would cause concern, such as doubt about one parent’s ability to ensure the welfare of the child, co-parenting can be considered a decision that takes the long-term well-being of the child into account.

Reaching such an arrangement can be maximized with the help of trained legal professionals, such as those at Johnson Mediation. Knowledge of legalities and experience working through the complex systems associated with divorce can provide divorcing couples with the support they need to come up with the best possible co-parenting arrangement for the children involved. When children are prioritized, each parent is in a better position to see the benefits of getting along with their former spouse.

Concluding that co-parenting is the best solution for the child can result in realizations that are helpful to all. Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Co-parenting agreements demand improved communication between and among parents.
  • Co-parenting encourages consistency, which is essential to lending stability to the lives of children affected by divorce.
  • Improved communication and consistency decrease the likelihood of the child being used as a pawn when divorcing parents are in conflict.
  • Flexibility, support, and cooperation can develop as new and more empathic perspectives occur.
  • Children effectively have two homes once a co-parenting agreement is reached, and perhaps even two families. This can be viewed as an opportunity for the children to develop loving relationships with extended family members.
  • Focusing on the health and well-being of your child can have the effect of improving your own health and well-being.

Call Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599 for help and support during a divorce, especially if a co-parenting arrangement is desired.

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