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Divorce Coach Minnesota

October 31, 2015

Divorce Coach MinnesotaGetting a divorce is tough. Aside from the roller coaster of emotions and mounds and mounds of bills, it can be a really tough thing to go through alone. If you live in Minnesota, consider calling Johnson Mediation and teaming up with a divorce coach that can really help guide you through this tough time in your life. Our Divorce Coach system is ideal for anyone getting divorced, especially if this is your first time. We can assist you in navigating through the entire divorce process and ensure that you address all the necessary decisions that must be made.

Put Me In Coach, I’m Ready to Play!

While no one wants to be centerfield in a divorce, it’s good to have a coach that helps you train for the game. Divorce can be incredibly confusing and stressful and without the proper guidance, you can lose out on a lot of money and add a lot of stress to your already hectic life. At Johnson Mediation, Divorce Coaching is individualized to the needs of our client. We do everything to help you through this difficult time including: managing emotions, developing both short and long term goals, creating an action plan to achieve those goals, work on defining your new life, and supporting you through this life crisis.

Once a Coach, Always a Coach

We are not your lawyers or your therapists. We have no medical background and we do not fix the root of the relationship problems. All of those things are best left for a lawyer, a therapist, and a doctor. We do, however, serve as a personal mentor throughout the process and and help you maintain awareness of all the factors necessary for change, which keeping you calm. We offer structure and let you take the lead in a pro-active role during divorce. Being informed can make you feel more confident in your decisions which is our personal goal. We can help you clarify your thoughts, needs, and concerns, and bring them to the table with rational communication skills.

Divorce is serious business and while we hope that every divorce is done in a peaceful and smooth transition, it’s just not always the case. At Johnson Mediation, our Divorce Coach will be on your side throughout everything. We will give you that necessary support and motivation that you may have lost sight of. We want you to grow in this process and be able to plan for a positive future. If you live in Minnesota, call Johnson Mediation today and learn more about Divorce Coaching. Contact us by calling (952) 401-7599.

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