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Minnesota Divorce Services

October 22, 2015

Divorce MediationDivorce Outside of the Court is a great option for Minnesota couples that want a timely resolution without the conflict of costly litigation. Johnson Mediation provides Divorce Mediation that focuses on the needs of the individual and family. The mediation process is generally Less Expensive and less adversarial than divorce litigation handled through the court system. Johnson Mediation also provides Parenting Consulting, Divorce Coaching, Couples Support and other resources to reach the best possible outcome for the future of the children and both divorcing parties.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is becoming more common among Minnesota couples that have decided to dissolve a marriage. The mediation process is Confidential and allows you to take control of your divorce. A qualified mediator from Johnson Mediation can collect information and provide options for resolving issues such as Parenting Time, Child Support, Spousal Support and Division of Property.

Parenting Consulting

Parenting Consulting serves the function of mediating a dispute between parents. A Qualified Parenting Consultant is a neutral party that meets with the parents to discuss areas of dispute. Meeting may also be conducted with the children, new spouses or significant others. Areas commonly studied include Parenting Time, Child Discipline, Schedules, Financial Considerations and Child’s Activities. This arena is not defined by the Courts but rather developed by Minnesota psychologists with extensive experience in Family Dispute.

Divorce Coaching

Divorce Coaching Services provide assistance with navigating the divorce process. Your Personal Divorce Coach at Johnson Mediation is a skilled professional with training to help with decisions regarding Emotions, Dealing with your Ex-Spouse, Parenting Issues, Financial Issues, Setting Boundaries and Goal Development. We have extensive resources to help with every step of the divorce process and issues that arise after the divorce is finalized.

Couples Support

Couples Support focuses on couples who are contemplating divorce, in the midst of a divorce, after divorcing and also married couples. We have the resources and training to provide assistance on a number of topics including Co-Parenting, Relationship Conflicts, Behaviors and Beliefs. At Johnson Mediation, our resources focus on the Children’s Best Interest and the possibility of a satisfying and healthy relationship between the parties. Both parties can mutually participate in decision making and be treated with respect.

Divorce Outside of the Court

Johnson Mediation has a team of professionals and extensive resources to guide you through the divorce process. We specialize in helping Minnesota Couples and Families to navigate the Emotional, Legal and Logistical aspects of this life changing process. Divorce Mediation provides an alternative that allows for Divorce Outside of the MN Court System. We provide a range of services including Couples Support, Divorce Coaching and Parenting Consulting.

Contact Johnson Mediation for Minnesota Divorce Services. Use our Online Form or Call (952) 401-7599.

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