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Recovering From Emotional Stages of Divorce MN

October 20, 2015

Minnesota Divorce Ending a marriage can result in making lots of adjustment in your life. Every individual deals with Divorce Recovery in his or her own way. However, there are common Emotional Stages of Divorce that need to be worked through to avoid an emotional roller coaster affect. Johnson Mediation provides a comprehensive approach to Divorce Mediation. Our services include helping couples to recognize and work through feelings of Grief, Guilt, Fear and Anxiety so common amongst recently divorced individuals.

Identify 6 Emotional Stages of Divorce Recovery

  1. Going through divorce often leaves emotional wounds that need time for recovery. Learning to identify the Emotional Stages of Divorce can help you to move closer to recovery. Beyond the recognized emotional wounds of divorce, many people add Grief, Shame, Fear and Anxiety to the list. The emotional impact of each stage along the path can be lessened with the help of a Qualified Professional.
  2. Denial or Emotional Shock: is similar to the physical shock that one feels after an accident. It can take a while to work through the pain and accept that this was not just a simple misunderstanding.
  3. Anger or Resentment: after working through the initial pain of divorce it is normal to have some feelings of anger and resentment toward your ex-spouse or even your situation.
  4. Bargaining: at this stage people may go to great lengths to win back their ex-partner. Having someone to support you and help you realize that your behavior will likely not work out can be of great help.
  5. Depression: grieving your marriage is a normal part of the recovery process. However, depression often manifests itself in a variety of physical ways. Support during this stage can help to keep you moving forward each day.
  6. Acceptance: the realization that the past is in the past and you have a present and future to look forward to. This is an internal process of accepting what has happened.
  7. Forgiveness: letting go of animosity toward your ex-spouse is an important step in being ready to establish new relationships with healthy boundaries. At this stage you are no longer living in the past but are aiming toward your future.

Avoiding the Emotional Roller Coaster of Divorce

Johnson Mediation, located in Chanhassen, MN can help you to navigate through the post-divorce process. We provide resources for Grief and Divorce Recovery as work through the Emotional Stages of divorce and prepare for your new future. The process can be an emotional roller coaster that is easier with knowledgeable and supportive service professionals.

Contact Johnson Mediation for Divorce Recovery Services at (952) 401-7599.

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