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Co-Mediation Minnesota

October 15, 2015

Co-Mediation can WorkPositive, forward thinking. Shouldn’t that be the goal for every divorce? When a marriage ends, both parties are flooded with emotions. While every couple is different, no person goes through an emotionless divorce. Divorce will bring stress and possibly conflict. While you may not agree on everything, agreeing that it is time for a divorce is a great starting point. When you decide that you are ready for a divorce, the next step should be figuring out is how to do it. At Johnson Mediation, we can help with that! If you live in Minnesota and are planning on a divorce, let Johnson Mediation show you all the great benefits of co-mediation.

What is Co-Mediation?

We all learned in elementary school what a mediator was. As a neutral party, they helped resolve conflict between other individuals. With co-mediation, the concept is very similar. Working with the theory that “two heads are better than one,” Johnson Mediation rolled out the concept of co-mediation. In these sessions, two professionals are given to a divorcing couple to help find positive alternatives in an overwhelming divorce process. Our co-mediators will help couples work through the legal, logistical, and even emotional parts of the divorce.

Couples Benefiting From Co-Mediation

Let’s say Sally is divorcing Bob. Bob is a stay-at-home dad that has no savings and quit his job to support Sally in her career. While they have mutually agreed on the divorce, Bob is worried about his financial status after everything is said and done. Likewise, Sally disagrees with the amount that Bob has asked for. This scenario is a common one among divorcees. Our co-mediators will help this couple focus on the financial process and compile a realistic financial picture of life after divorce. With the ability to understand the future roles of not just financial issues, but parenting time as well, Bob and Sally may have a better chance of coming to an agreement that is positive for both of them.

Our goal at co-mediation is positive forward thinking to help divorcing couples build a foundation that will encourage a positive future.

Co-Mediation doesn’t cost more than any other type of mediation. All in all, you will still be saving tons of money by avoiding a large courtroom brawl. More importantly, you will be alleviating the stress of divorce on yourself and your family. So if you live in Minnesota and are getting divorced, consider co-mediation with Johnson Mediation. For more information or a free 1 hour consultation, call us today at (952) 401-7599.

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