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Overcoming Common Pitfalls of Divorce MN

October 6, 2015

Avoid Common Divorce MistakesThere is perhaps no life experience that affects our emotional and financial wellbeing as much as going through a divorce. It doesn’t really matter that much if you were the one who initiated the divorce or had the decision dropped in your lap. Ending a marriage can leave you with low self esteem, financial hardship, parenting questions, emotional pain and confusion. Johnson Mediation focuses on assisting Divorcing Couples with the Legal, Logistical and Emotional aspects of divorce in Minnesota. We have resources that can help you to Avoid Common Divorce Mistakes or Overcome Common Pitfalls After Divorce.

10 Common Mistakes Made After Divorce

Adapting to a new lifestyle after divorce can be filled with many mistakes. Both men and women can be left feeling very vulnerable. It is easy to isolate yourself while trying to figure out your new normal but experts warn that isolation can lead to bigger problems that you have to deal with. The following are Common Mistakes Made After Divorce in no particular order:

  1. Isolating Yourself or Going it Alone – Don’t try to navigate the divorce process alone. A Divorce Coach is a wonderful resource to assist with all aspects of the divorce process. Take classes, join a sports team or contact an old friend to avoid social isolation.
  1. Keeping Emotions Inside – Going through the divorce process can be like an emotional rollercoaster. Having a healthy outlet for the emotional ups and downs will help to avoid things like depression and destructive behaviors.
  1. Continuing to Fight with Your Ex Partner – When children are involved, Effective Co-Parenting is much easier when partners stop being the antagonist. Compromise, diplomacy and respectful communication are key to developing common ground.
  1. Trying Too Soon to be Friends with Your Ex – It is important to set clear boundaries for your relationship and avoid intimacy that make moving on more difficult.
  1. Dating Too Soon – Many men look for a new romantic relationship before recovering from the emotional impact of divorce. Jumping into a committed relationship within the first year rarely works out.
  1. Introducing Your New Partner to the Children Too Soon – Don’t expect your children to be excited to meet the new partner in your life. Wait until a relationship is becoming serious before involving the children.
  1. Failing to Maintain a Parenting Relationship with Your Child – A child’s emotional, social and educational development can depend on the relationships with both parents. Be there as a parent and not as a friend of visitor in their life.
  1. Not Working through Emotions – Bottled up emotions can manifest themselves in unhealthy ways. Having a trusted person in your life to share your feelings helps to release the tension inside of your body.
  1. Rushing Into Hasty Decisions – Starting over in your new life can be a great experience but remember to take the time to think things through before rushing into a major decision.
  1. Continuing to Use Your Divorce as an Excuse – Divorce changes your life in numerous ways. It can affect the way to think, eat, sleep, socialize and parent, among other things. Using divorce as an excuse can become an unfortunate habit if you fail to remember that it is only a temporary transition in your life.

Resources to Overcome Pitfalls After Divorce

At Johnson Mediation, divorcing couples have great resources to Overcome Pitfalls that are common after divorce. We provide Divorce Coaching and Parenting Classes for dealing with the emotional, legal and financial aspects of life post-divorce. As a qualified MN Divorce Mediator, Johnson Mediation understands what you are going through and can assist with Avoiding Common Mistakes made after divorce.

MN residents can contact Johnson Mediation for Resources to Avoid Common Mistakes After Divorce. Call (952) 401-7599.

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