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Public and Private Minnesota Mediator MN

October 1, 2015

Divorce Mediation Johnson Mediation has 25 years of experience as a Qualified Mediator in both the Public and Private Sectors in Minnesota. We understand the dynamics of navigating through both pre and post-divorce obstacles particularly when minor children are involved. Our role is never to encourage you to seek a divorce but rather to understand your choices and make a fully informed decision. We are passionate about Helping People in Conflict and Developing Strategies to Overcome Adversity. As such, Johnson Mediation offers a Free Confidential Consultation to determine understand your unique circumstances and determine if our services can help you.

Professional Divorce Mediator

Jeff Johnson is a Professional Divorce Mediator with a deep understanding of the emotional, legal and logistical aspects of divorce. Having experienced divorce after a 24year relationship, Jeff has been there. He knows what a scary time it can be if you don’t have someone to trust by your side to provide honest information and support during the divorce process and beyond.

Take Important First Step for Help

The first step in finding help Understanding Divorce or Parenting Challenges can be difficult to make. Contacting a Qualified Professional like Johnson Mediation is an important first step. Simply fill out our online contact form or give us call at 952-401-7599. We respect your privacy and would never spam you.

Free 1 Hour Confidential Consultation

The circumstances that you are facing in your relationships are uniquely yours but usually share common bonds with others. During a Free One Hour Confidential Consultation we can reach a better understanding of your unique circumstances and find ways to approach a solution. We will always be honest and upfront with you and tell you if our services are not a good fit for your situation. Chances are that we have helpful resources to pass on to assist you if we are not your best option.

Qualified Mediation and Parenting Services

  • Divorce Coach
  • Rule 114 Neutral Divorce Mediator
  • Parenting Consultant
  • Parenting Time Expeditor
  • Financial Early Neutral Evaluator (FENE)
  • Social Early Neutral Evaluator (SENE)
  • Parenting Class Instructor

Confidential Divorce Minnesota Mediation Services

Confidential Divorce Mediation Services are available at Johnson Mediation. Our role as a Divorce Coach is never to encourage you to get a divorce but rather to provide you with honest answers and techniques to help your situation. We offer a Free 1 hour Consultation to cull a better understanding of your circumstances and see if we can help. At Johnson Mediation we are passionate about helping people in conflict and providing better solutions.

Call Johnson Mediation at (952) 401-7599.

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