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How Divorce can Benefit your Children

September 29, 2015

Children of DivorceWhen people hear news about divorce, the immediate reaction is to assume that the children of the divorcing couple will experience an entirely negative impact. Divorce is difficult on all concerned, there is no denying that, but there are some potential positive things that can come out of a divorce. There will be no shortage of worry about your children as you navigate a divorce, but consider these potential positive aspects of the situation:

  • Less conflict at home: Many divorces occur as a result of significant conflict, fighting and arguing in the home. Once a couple separates, this conflict is minimized which ultimately is a positive outcome for the children.
  • Focus turns back to kids: When you are the only parent in the home, your focus is concentrated on your kids and not on your spouse. This reinforces to your kids to see that they are important, heard and loved.
  • New traditions can be created: A divorce can be an opportunity to create new traditions, and with creativity and input from your kids, this can be a very exciting outcome of a difficult situation.
  • Your child sees you navigate difficulty: While it may not feel good at the time, a divorce can allow your children to see your strength, your perseverance, your independence and and your ability solve things on your own.
  • Learning about sacrifice and hard work: Again, it is a tough lesson, but a divorce can show your kids the value of money, of pinching pennies, of saving, and working hard.
  • You value every second together: Often times, divorce results in a shared custody agreement, meaning that you take advantage of the time that you are with your kids, since it is not indefinite. As a parent, you can prioritize that time, detach from work and other distractions and make the most of the time you have with your kids.
  • Gives you a second chance to be the best parent you can be: This transition period can give you the opportunity to make some changes about your parenting style and reflect on how each of your decisions impacts your children. It really can be a second chance for you and your kids to live more positive and purposeful lives.

If you are in the midst of a divorce in Minnesota and are considering divorce mediation instead of going through the traditional litigation process, consider giving Johnson Mediation a call at 1-952-401-7599 for help and support. Mediation offers an alternative to the adversarial approach to divorce. Mediation costs less and most often ends with positive results for all involved, giving you more control over the process. Our team at Johnson Mediation can help you make the best possible decisions and choices for the future your family, even during this emotionally trying time.

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