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Mediate your Prenup in Minnesota

September 24, 2015

Prenup Mediation Services MNAlthough prenups may sound like a smart concept in the beginning, this type of agreement can lead to added stress and problems within your marriage down the road, if not handled properly. The purpose of marriage is to become one. This typically includes sharing money and other resources that have value. There are times where a prenup is needed, such as when this may be a second or third marriage, and you have kids involved that you want to make sure are taken care of. The issue with many prenups these days is that they go too far with laying out the extremely fine details that only draw tension towards the relationship. Instead of letting a prenup hurt your marriage before it even starts, consider teaming up with Johnson Mediation to mediate your prenup! If you live in Minnesota, our staff is ready to help mediate your prenup starting today!

The Old School Prenup Issues

When handling a prenup the old fashioned way, with an intimidating lawyer involved, the wedding planning quickly goes from joy to stress. Sitting down with a lawyer and discussing a prenup can quickly take the feelings of love out of an engagement. At Johnson Mediation, we focus on offering a calm environment where both parties concerns and interests are heard. There is no siding when it comes to mediating your prenup. Another issue with an old school prenup is that often times the spouse that doesn’t want a prenup has to hire a lawyer to protect themselves. This type of early tension can be devastating to a marriage. Quickly, feelings are hurt and questions around whether or not this marriage should occur commonly happen. After both sides lay out their ideas, long and drawn out negotiations begin which frustrate and exhaust all parties involved.

The Mediation Alternative

If a prenup is something that must occur before your marriage, handle it in a more calming environment where both sides can speak their mind with a completely neutral mediator. No side has an advantage when it comes to mediating your prenup, which helps to keep both sides calm. Let our mediation specialists help you both work through any concerns or disagreements that you have without the added stress of a lawyer. Our goal is to apply less pressure on the prenup so that you can enjoy and focus on the fun parts of your engagement!

So, if you live in Minnesota and need to finalize a prenup before marriage, choose to mediate your prenup instead of handling it in the courts. Give Johnson Mediation a call today at (952) 401-7599 to set up a free one hour consultation with one of our mediation staff members.

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