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Divorce Coach Minnetonka

September 17, 2015

Minnetonka Divorce CoachGoing through a difficult divorce and need help? Unfortunately, not all divorces go as smoothly as you would like. With all of the detailed laws surrounding divorce in Minnetonka, MN, it can definitely be overwhelming for an individual to go through the in’s and out’s of a divorce alone. By partnering with Johnson Mediation, you are able to work with a divorce coach to help you get through your divorce from start to finish. With the knowledge and expertise that our divorce coaches bring to the table, we can make sure that all of the difficult decisions in a divorce are handled with your best interests in mind.

What is a Divorce Coach?

For some people, this may be a new concept. A divorce coach is a professional that has experience in handling an individual’s varying emotions and issues throughout a divorce. Through this partnership with you, a divorce coach can help you come to beneficial decisions around parenting, life after divorce, and division of assets. You are able to bring any issues that you are dealing with to your divorce coach. If you are struggling with the relationship you have with your ex-spouse, don’t know how to handle custody issues involving your children, or you need help creating future goals for yourself in this new stage of life, Johnson Mediation is here to help!

Our Standard Focus

As a divorce coach, one of our dedicated professionals will focus on the following points to help you throughout your divorce:

  • Handling Emotions – There may not be a more difficult time in your life than going through a divorce. The up and down emotions that you are experiencing is normal. We can help you manage these emotions in a positive way.
  • Creating Goals – Your life is not going to end at the point of a divorce. Setting goals for yourself after the divorce process is finalized is important because it helps you build that new path that you will be partaking on your own.
  • Action Plan – Once the goals have been created, our divorce coach can help you put those goals into action!
  • New Focus on Life – Life after a divorce can be extremely difficult because of so much unknown. By teaming up with a divorce coach, you will be given the resources and tools to create a brand new life for yourself.

So, if you are going through a divorce and you need some guidance from an unbiased source, consider partnering with a divorce coach from Johnson Mediation. If you live in Minnetonka, MN, and are in this situation, give us a call today at (952) 401-7599 to set up a free one hour consultation.

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