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Co-Parenting Made Easier

September 15, 2015

Tips for Successful Co-ParentingFor many individuals that have recently gone through a divorce, the thought of co-parenting with your ex-spouse may stress you out to the max! You weren’t successful being married, so what makes you think you will be successful co-parenting? Sit back and absorb the love you have for your children, and that will make co-parenting worth every bit of the struggle. No one said it will be easy, but with the help of Johnson Mediation, you will have access to co-parenting services that will help make the transition doable. If you live in Minnesota and are struggling to make co-parenting work, let our team help you determine ways to improve your side of the equation and focus less on what your ex-spouse is bringing to the table.

Ways to Improve your Co-parenting Situation

  • Focus on what You can Control – Even though you may have focused on what your ex-spouse didn’t do when it came to your marriage, this is not something you should focus on with co-parenting. Stressing over things that your ex-spouse is doing when it comes to parenting is only going to make the situation for your children even tougher. Instead of trying to change your ex-spouse, focus on the things that you can control, and let go of what you can’t!
  • Cherish Time with Your Kids – The last thing you should do is act angry with your ex-spouse during the time that you have with your children. Co-parenting limits the amount of time that you have with your kids, so make sure to be present with them. Put away your cell phone and give them your full attention. You will quickly be amazed at how much joy your kids can bring to your life.
  • Enhance the Environment – Make sure that your home is a calm and safe environment for your children. Stability and safety are two vital characteristics that most children need in order to succeed. Focus on a positive environment so that your kids can feel at “home” when they are staying at your house.
  • Forget the Past and Focus on a Good Future – You may feel guilty about putting your children through a difficult divorce. Instead of focusing on the negative times surrounding your marriage, reminisce about the good times that you all had over the years. Make new memories with your kids as well! Never stop pursuing your kids, as they truly value their relationship with you!

If you live in Minnesota and are struggling to engage in successful co-parenting after a divorce, contact Johnson Mediation today. Give our team a call at (952) 401-7599 to set up a free 1 hour consultation with our co-parenting staff.

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